2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynAdd missing typedefs for core data master release2020-03-23
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynDon't hardcode core boot cmd line buffer size
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynClean up Hagfish.c
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynPass physical addresses to kernel
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynPass armv8_core_data struct to boot driver
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynAdd build environment setup script
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynConvert README to markdown
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynUpdate build steps
2019-10-04 Daniel SchwynRevert "Pass armv8_core_data struct to boot driver"
2019-06-05 Daniel SchwynPass armv8_core_data struct to boot driver
2019-06-05 Daniel SchwynFix memory map relocation
2019-06-05 Daniel SchwynMake Hagfish build with GCC 7 and current EDK II master
2018-10-04 Adam TurowskiFixing the Multiboot2 structure
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannPrint stack range and size
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannACPI: don't dump entries
2017-03-13 Reto Achermanncopy the full RSDP
2017-03-10 Reto Achermannadding support for parsing ACPI tables to get parking...
2017-03-08 Reto Achermannadding support for loading cpu + boot driver
2017-03-08 Reto Achermannupdate README to use ubuntu's default compiler
2017-02-22 Reto Achermannadding cavium workarounds
2017-02-22 Reto Achermanndisable verbose prints
2017-02-22 Reto AchermannHagfish: use new call to update mmap and exit boot...
2017-02-22 Reto AchermannMemory: adding function to update memory map and exit...
2017-02-21 Reto Achermannupdating readme
2017-02-21 Reto Achermannupdating readme
2017-02-21 Reto Achermannupdate readme
2016-11-17 Moritz HoffmannChange PCE file name to hagfish.cfg.IP
2016-11-16 Moritz HoffmannLoader: Remove debugging output
2016-11-16 Moritz HoffmannConfig: Fix config file parsing/assertions. Fixes T296
2016-11-16 Moritz HoffmannRevert "Config: Use menu.lst.$IP layout as tftp boot...
2016-11-15 Moritz HoffmannConfig: Use menu.lst.$IP layout as tftp boot config...
2016-11-09 Moritz Hoffmannaarch64: Map only known RAM cached, all other memory...
2016-10-05 Reto Achermannbugfix with checksum and removing one printf
2016-10-05 Reto AchermannUsing actual multiboot_header for the first fields
2016-08-02 Reto Achermannmultiboot headers algined
2016-07-19 Reto Achermannactually call acpi_search()
2016-07-19 Reto AchermannDisabling assertion as some kernels have more loadable...
2016-07-19 Reto AchermannAdding comment stating the assumptions when leaving...
2016-07-18 Reto AchermannAdding instructions on how to Debug Hagfish in GDB.
2016-07-13 Moritz HoffmannSort mmap. qemu-efi for aarch64 doesn't return a sorted...
2016-07-12 Moritz HoffmannEFI on Qemu boots into EL1, support that in Hagfish.
2016-07-12 Moritz HoffmannEnable EFI runtime services by providing a correctly...
2016-07-12 Moritz HoffmannCorrect shareability for l1 blocks. Need to figure...
2016-06-15 Moritz HoffmannHagfish/aarch64: Improve mapping device sections non...
2016-06-15 Moritz HoffmannHagfish/pxe: Fix null pointer dereference.
2016-06-15 Moritz HoffmannHagfish: Relocate kernel to KERNEL_OFFSET.
2016-06-09 Moritz HoffmannEnable PXE when shell service unavailable.
2016-06-08 Moritz HoffmannInclude EFI mmap in multiboot image.
2016-06-08 Moritz HoffmannPrefer PXE when no shell service or argc != 2.
2016-06-07 Moritz HoffmannRemove debug prints.
2016-06-07 Moritz HoffmannSet correct page table attrindex for device regions.
2016-06-07 Moritz HoffmannUpdate copyright notices.
2016-06-07 Moritz Hoffmannloader: Use config file name from command line.
2016-06-07 Moritz HoffmannHagfish: Implement loading through fs instead of network.
2016-06-07 Moritz HoffmannRevert "Allocate pages < 4GB to avoid physical addresse...
2016-06-07 Moritz HoffmannRevert "page_tables: construct page tables according...
2016-05-31 Moritz HoffmannHagfish: fix multiboot size calculation.
2016-05-24 Moritz Hoffmannmultiboot: Fix wrong type in sizeof calculation.
2016-05-24 Moritz Hoffmannpage_tables: construct page tables according to memory...
2016-05-18 Moritz HoffmannAllocate pages < 4GB to avoid physical addresses > 32b
2016-05-12 Moritz HoffmannLibrary/EFL: aarch64-linux-gnu Ubuntu 16.04 toolchain...
2016-05-12 Moritz HoffmannHagfish::prepare_kernel: Fix ehdr->e_entry and phdr...
2016-05-12 Moritz HoffmannConfig::free_bookkeeping: Do not free cfg as it is...
2016-05-12 Moritz HoffmannConfig::free_bookkeeping: Fix use-after-free when freei...
2015-09-18 David CockRestore the top half of Hagfish.c
2015-08-12 David CockBuild instructions, and README
2015-08-12 David CockLicense tags
2015-07-03 David CockAdded ELF section headers to multiboot structure
2015-07-03 David Cock.gitignore editor backups
2015-07-03 David CockNicer output when loading modules.
2015-07-03 David CockHagfish now relocates the kernel image
2015-07-01 David CockLoads CPU driver under new translations
2015-07-01 David CockRenamed PageTables.{c,h}, to better reflect contents.
2015-07-01 David CockHagfish switches to its own kernel page tables
2015-06-30 David CockRefactored to make allocation flow simpler
2015-06-29 David CockFixed a config parsing bug.
2015-06-29 David CockASSERT() works, DebugPrint() used as appropriate.
2015-06-29 David CockBuilds with EDK LibC
2015-06-26 David CockRemoved duplicated headers
2015-06-26 David CockFactored more arch-specific stuff out
2015-06-26 David CockSplit memory region code out
2015-06-25 David CockArchitecture-agnostic include paths
2015-06-25 David CockFactored allocation and config parsing out
2015-06-25 David CockBuild Arch64 kernel page table
2015-06-23 David CockLoading with Multiboot2 modified for AArch64
2015-06-23 David CockMultiboot header construction and image loading
2015-06-19 David CockElf loading works
2015-06-19 David CockGNU/GRUB multiboot 2 header
2015-06-18 David CockUse ELF library in Hagfish app
2015-06-18 David CockAdded libelf from BSD elftoolchain
2015-06-17 David CockLoads and runs a raw binary
2015-06-17 David CockSuccessfuly TFTP-loads an image
2015-06-11 David CockPackage & module initialised from MdeModulePkg