Add lpuart kernel driver
[barrelfish] / devices / Hakefile
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynAdd lpuart kernel driver
2019-04-03 Reto Achermannreplacing umlaute and fixing address in headers Haldene...
2018-12-14 Lukas Humbelarmv7: Correct name PL130 to PL390
2018-12-13 Lukas Humbelarmv7: Move distributor driver to userspace
2018-11-14 Adam Turowskiarmv8: initial Raspberry Pi 3 support
2018-10-05 Roni HäckiMerge branch 'virtualfunction'
2018-08-07 Adam Turowskiarm: adding gic v3
2018-06-13 Lukas HumbelMerge branch 'master' into virtualfunction
2018-06-08 Lukas Humbelirq: enable msi-x in conf header on route setup
2018-03-02 Reto Achermanndevices: merge VTd with VTd_IOTLB device definitions
2017-10-16 Lukas HumbelIRQ: Getting the 82574 to trigger MSIxs...
2017-10-02 Lukas HumbelIRQ: Start with implementation of MSIx controller.
2017-05-10 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Remove (now in
2017-04-13 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Give correct name to GIC files
2017-03-20 Lukas HumbelGICv3: Add support for mem-mapped CPU interface
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: separating makerel file into related pieces
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmanndevices/giv_v3: Bug fixes
2016-12-06 Moritz HoffmannInitial ARMv8 device file with backing sysreg implement...
2016-11-15 Roni HäckiMerge branch 'device-queue'
2016-10-14 Lukas HumbelT308: Added e1000e mackerel and device driver stub
2016-09-08 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: Solarflare driver added
2016-07-20 Moritz HoffmannMerge branch 'master' into tmas
2016-07-19 David CockARMv7: Made some improvements to usbboot.
2016-07-15 David CockZynq: initial image builds.
2016-07-15 David CockZYNQ: Added UART and System Control devices
2016-07-07 Moritz Hoffmanndevices/acpi_ec_mem: ARM has ACPI but communicates...
2016-06-23 David CockOMAP44xx: Clock frequency discovery.
2016-06-21 David CockARMv7: CPUID check on boot.
2016-05-30 Timothy RoscoeRefactored ARMv7-A code.
2015-11-17 Moritz HoffmannT24: remove remaining SCC code
2015-08-14 Simon GerberMerge branch 'arrakis'
2015-08-12 David CockMerge branch 'armv8'
2015-06-11 Simon Gerberapm88xxxx: implement kernel serial driver.
2015-06-10 Reto Achermann[T115] extending support for cpuid instruction
2015-06-05 Simon GerberMerge of upstream arrakis code.
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannExtracted the Xeon Phi DMA channels out of the DMA...
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannSeparated ioat dma into a new channel device
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannRenamed into
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannAddition of Intel Crystal Beach DMA controller register...
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannXeon Phi DMA
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleMerge with master
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannVirtIO and Xeon Phi Messaging
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleMerge with Arrakis branch
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannMerge commit try 2
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannReplaced pci with arrakis branch
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannXeon Phi Host Driver
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannRemoved old KNC devices Added: Xeon Phi Boot Devices...
2014-05-12 Kornilios KourtisMerge remote-tracking branch 'swicki/master'
2014-02-28 Simon PeterThe Arrakis backport to Barrelfish.
2014-02-25 Simon GerberCleaned up omap44xx uart3 device file.
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiAdded basic support for the Cortex A9 Global Timer
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiCleaned up OMAP4460 SDMA Mackerel file
2013-12-11 MothyRemoved duplicate entries in devices Hakefile
2013-12-10 MothyRemoved duplicate device file entries
2013-09-16 Kornilios Kourtismerge
2013-09-15 Claudio Föllmimerged armv7-m code with main tree
2013-09-12 Reto AchermannMerge with main tree
2013-09-05 Gerd ZellwegerMMCHS driver for OMAP4 platform.
2013-08-29 Claudio Föllmiupdated devices around cortex-m3
2013-08-29 Claudio Föllmiadd kernel support for OMAP44XX spinlock module
2013-07-23 Reto AchermannMackerel Code for USB Init, partial
2013-07-22 Reto AchermannReplaced any non ASCII Chars in the Mackerel files
2013-07-19 Stefan Kaestlepandaboard: Bugfixes after merge
2013-07-19 Stefan KästleMerge
2013-07-16 Gerd ZellwegerCleaned up omap padconf core mackerel file and added...
2013-07-16 Gerd ZellwegerFixed indention in devices Hakefile.
2013-07-16 Gerd ZellwegerMMCHS driver cleanup
2013-07-16 Simon GerberMMCHS and I2C code imported into main tree right now...
2013-07-16 Gerd Zellweger(library) driver for face detection that can run inside...
2013-06-29 Reto AchermannMerge with main branch
2013-06-03 Stefan KaestleAdded omap44xx_mmu again to fix dependency error when...
2013-05-14 Mateusz OlczakI've finished the work on the e1000 driver. All previou...
2013-05-11 Reto AchermannUSB hardware initialization in the omap kernel. Some...
2013-04-30 Reto AchermannFlounder Defs and Mackerel Dev
2013-04-04 Gerd ZellwegerAdd pandammu.
2013-04-04 Gerd ZellwegerFix whitespace in devices Hakefile.
2012-08-09 MothyReorged files.
2012-08-09 MothyCleaned up some assembly.
2012-08-08 MothySome fixes.
2012-08-03 MothyAdded USB configuration block
2012-07-27 MothyCleaned up init code somewhat.
2012-06-28 Simon PeterAdding an OMAP UART kernel driver and OMAP architecture...
2012-06-03 Samuel Hitzadded cortex-a9 snoop control unit device description
2012-06-01 Samuel Hitzmerge
2012-05-11 Samuel Hitz- kernel ready
2012-03-29 MothyAmalgamated EHCI definitions into one file, and added...
2012-03-22 Mothymerge
2012-03-22 MothyOHCI USB controller mackerel definition.
2012-01-31 pravin@inf.ethz.chMerge
2012-01-10 Simon GerberAdded AHCI driver (ahcid), AHCI user-space library...
2011-12-27 Antoine KaufmannInitial commit of e10k driver (Intel 82599 10GbE Nic)
2011-12-19 MothyPorted RTL driver to Mackerel shift driver - but not...
2011-12-14 MothyFixed acpi code to use new Mackerel driver.
2011-12-13 MothyConverted the pic and xapic drivers to use the Mackerel...
2011-12-07 MothyFixed weird crashing bug.
2011-11-09 MothyFixed several serious Mackerel bugs (including access...
2011-09-07 MothyLatent weirdness in the XScale build process (which...
2011-09-07 MothyFixed more inconsistent device names, this time for...
2011-09-07 MothyAdded gratuitous uhci device, for qemu support in the...
2011-09-07 MothyRemoved spurious device include.