Merge branch 'bsdlibc'
[barrelfish] / hake / ARMv7.hs
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'bsdlibc'
2017-07-07 Gerd ZellwegerChange the pandaboard drivers to new driver format.
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskiarmv7: save vfp context (at least part of it)
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskihake: fixing linking order of static libraries by group...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake/armv7: Force static linking of binaries
2016-10-17 David CockARMv7: Use --export-dynamic in kernel link.
2016-08-25 David CockARMv7: Disable all PC-relative data relocations.
2016-07-25 Reto Achermannarmv7: do not fix address of data region in linker.
2016-07-20 David CockBuild stripped binaries, with debug symbols in name...
2016-07-15 David CockARMv7: CPU driver reinitialised UART and prints.
2016-07-15 David CockARMv7: Pass multiboot pointer through a symbol for...
2016-07-15 David CockARMv7: CPU driver builds again - enough for testing.
2016-07-15 David CockARMv7: First prototype of a new bootloader for simulators
2016-07-15 David CockZynq: initial image builds.
2016-07-06 David CockARMv7: Rationalised coreboot structures.
2016-06-28 David CockARMv7: Switched GOT to r9 to match ARM PCS
2016-06-24 David CockARMv7: Switched to ARMv7+ TLS registers.
2016-05-30 Timothy RoscoeRefactored ARMv7-A code.
2016-02-26 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Remove libgcc dependency from kernel. Use compile...
2016-02-25 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Remove -lgcc on arm targets. Add compiler-rt...
2015-11-16 David CockSquashed "noreturn" warnings for panicking functions.
2015-11-16 David CockFixed ARMv7 GEM5 build
2015-08-28 David CockMade optimisation flags overridable per-platform.
2015-08-21 David CockSwitched from hake.Path to System.FilePath
2015-07-03 Timothy RoscoeSimplification of, addition of...
2014-11-22 Gerd ZellwegerRevert to Linux ARM compiler.
2014-11-22 Gerd ZellwegerARMv7 GEM5 compiles again.
2013-07-16 Gerd ZellwegerBuild fixes for ARMv7.
2013-05-31 Wang Nanarmv7: disable vfp instructions for the cpu driver
2013-01-29 Simon Gerberarmv7: removed unused generated dependency "romfs_size.h"
2012-12-14 Simon Gerberarmv7: make gem5 work again. Added "armv7_platform...
2012-08-17 Simon GerberChanged ARMv7.hs to include -D__GEM5__ depending on...
2012-08-16 Simon GerberRenamed arm_gem5 to armv7.