update tree to use ghc7.4
[barrelfish] / hake / Main.hs
2012-11-05 Kornilios Kourtisupdate tree to use ghc7.4
2012-09-07 Kornilios Kourtismerged pandaboard tree
2012-08-02 MothyRebuilt Hakefile for kernel to allow multiple CPU drivers
2012-07-31 Kornilios Kourtis*.hs: update imports to be compatible with ghc 7.4
2012-07-08 Simon PeterFix typo in hake usage string.
2012-06-01 Samuel Hitzfixed an inlining bug of arm-gcc 4.6.1 and lower
2012-05-29 Samuel Hitzrenamed architecture from 'gem5' to 'arm_gem5'
2012-05-23 Samuel Hitzreverted local Main.hs ghc7 patch
2012-03-18 Gerd ZellwegerReverted GHC 7 patch.
2012-03-05 Samuel Hitz- some more changes to get it built
2012-02-03 Gerd ZellwegerAdded benchmark to measure arrival rate on server.
2012-01-28 Gerd ZellwegerFinal configuration for benchmarking get/set API on...
2011-10-28 Gerd ZellwegerSome initial prolog programs for MA
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.