First outline of a process management service server.
[barrelfish] / if / Hakefile
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiFirst outline of a process management service server.
2017-03-20 Adam Turowskinetwork: replacing net_queue_manager with devif as...
2016-10-04 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: Implementation IDC backend
2016-10-02 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: Restructering library parts intermediate...
2016-09-08 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: Direct Solarflare queue implementation
2016-09-08 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: Solarflare driver added
2016-09-02 Roni HäckiMerge branch 'master' into device-queue
2016-08-29 Lukas HumbelAdd tests for cap transfer
2016-08-26 Adam Turowskitests: multithreaded waitset test
2016-08-12 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: devif flounder interface
2016-07-29 Lukas HumbelIRQ: Added some interface definitions and stubs.
2016-06-17 Reto Achermann[chips] remove chips domain and interface
2015-06-05 Simon GerberMerge of upstream arrakis code.
2014-12-29 Reto Achermannlibbomp2: initial commit of the new OMP library
2014-08-31 Reto Achermannlibxomp interfaces: cleanup and new gateway interface
2014-08-21 Stefan KaestleCleanup
2014-08-20 Reto Achermannlibxomp: added initial implementation.
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannXeon Phi Interfaces: added nameservice functionality
2014-08-20 Reto Achermannlibxeonphi: removed unneeded files. added xeon phi...
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannXeon Phi Driver: rewritten interphi messaging to use...
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannAdapted the Xeon Phi driver to make use of the DMA...
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannLIBDMA: Added DMA Manager domain.
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannDMA library: Bugfixes and missing implementations for...
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannMade flounderbootstrap test work.
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannFlounder Bootstrap Test Domain
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannXeon Phi Driver: Renaming and handling of IDs
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannXeon Phi Benchmarking and DMA
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleMerge with master
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannVirtIO:
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannRewritten Messaging Bootstrap Host-Card
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleMerge with Arrakis branch
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannAdded: Xeon Phi Manager
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleSecond set of patches for Bulk Transfer DSL project
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleCleanup
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleAdded code from two Bulk Transfer Distributed Systems...
2014-02-28 Simon PeterThe Arrakis backport to Barrelfish.
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiAdded SDMA driver for memory-to-memory transfers
2013-11-21 pravin@inf.ethz.chmerge with code from tty
2013-11-13 Simon PeterMerged.
2013-10-31 pravin@inf.ethz.chmerge with tip
2013-09-12 Reto AchermannMerge with main tree
2013-09-05 Gerd ZellwegerMMCHS driver for OMAP4 platform.
2013-06-17 Reto AchermannAdded: channel to the driver for complete callbacks...
2013-06-06 pravin@inf.ethz.chmerged
2013-04-30 Reto AchermannFlounder Defs and Mackerel Dev
2013-03-19 Kornilios KourtisNew tracing infrastructure
2013-06-25 Raphael Fuchsterminal: Add flounder interfaces for new terminal...
2013-01-16 pravin@inf.ethz.chmerge with tip
2012-04-16 Antoine Kaufmanne10k: Split up driver in two independant processes
2012-03-27 Gerd ZellwegerMerge with current tip.
2012-03-27 Gerd ZellwegerCleanup & changed PCI confspace library to accept cap...
2012-03-19 pravin shindep@inf... DHCP is working from netd now.
2012-03-17 pravin shindep@inf... First step in getting net_ports.if working.
2012-03-16 Gerd Zellwegerrename dist2 interface to octopus
2012-03-02 pravin shindep@inf... Renamed interface ether_control to net_soft_filters.
2012-03-01 pravin shindep@inf... Added net_queue_manager interface, and changed the...
2012-02-24 Gerd ZellwegerMerge ACPI changes into default.
2012-02-22 Gerd ZellwegerSwitching to THC in dist2 client.
2012-02-21 Gerd ZellwegerMoving I/O APIC functionality in separate daemon. Code...
2012-02-19 Gerd ZellwegerContinue to refactor acpi into separate service.
2012-01-28 Gerd ZellwegerMerge with current tip
2012-01-10 Simon GerberAdded AHCI driver (ahcid), AHCI user-space library...
2011-12-27 Andrew Baumannremove stale/unused group communication interfaces
2011-12-13 Gerd ZellwegerRefactoring
2011-12-07 Gerd Zellwegerstarted adding thc
2011-11-22 Gerd Zellwegerrestructure file layout
2011-11-13 pravin shindep@inf... Refactoring of code:
2011-11-09 Gerd Zellwegerbasic publish/subscribe functionality
2011-09-16 Jana Gicevamerged again
2011-09-01 Simon Peter* Added compile trace replayer
2011-08-07 pravin@inf.ethz.chAdding a new interface to support virtual nics
2011-08-02 Simon PeterMerge from ASPLOS tree.
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.