T238: fix renaming mistake
[barrelfish] / include / barrelfish_kpi / capabilities.h
2016-05-25 Simon GerberT238: fix renaming mistake
2016-05-25 Simon GerberT238: fix vnode_objsize() to not use BASE_PAGE_SIZE...
2016-05-23 Simon GerberT238: change kernel to use new vnode_objsize() when...
2016-04-29 Simon GerberT191: x86_64: refactor retype2 back to retype
2016-04-18 Simon GerberImplement identify command for ObjType_RAM
2016-04-18 Simon GerberT191: Implement prototype for new retype
2016-04-18 Simon GerberSquashed changes of e89aa91..6ca6bdf (master as of...
2016-02-26 Simon GerberT191: x86_64: frame_identify returns size in bytes
2015-12-09 Simon GerberMerge branch 'mapping_caps'
2015-11-23 Simon GerberT187: Implement modify_flags() on mapping cap
2015-11-17 Simon GerberT187: x86_64: squash capability size to 64 bytes
2015-11-17 Moritz HoffmannT24: remove remaining SCC code
2015-11-17 Simon GerberT187: kernel: add mapping cap commands (NYI)
2015-11-17 Simon GerberT187: Add Mapping cap types
2015-11-16 David CockClean merge of HP's ARMv8 code
2015-08-14 Simon GerberFix arrakis merge errors
2015-08-14 Simon GerberMerge branch 'arrakis'
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: kernel, spawnd, fish: Use dispatcher invocations...
2015-06-05 Simon GerberMerge of upstream arrakis code.
2014-11-26 Simon GerberMerge branch 'master' into distops
2014-11-21 Simon GerberFactored out IPI sending invocations to their own cap...
2014-11-11 Gerd ZellwegerRemove no longer needed code.
2014-10-21 Gerd ZellwegerRemove the KernelCmd_StopCore.
2014-10-14 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure KCb has correct size.
2014-10-14 Simon GerberMoved interrupt vector allocation into cpu driver.
2014-10-14 Simon GerberAdded moving kcb off shared cpu driver, currently crash...
2014-10-14 Simon GerberAdded invocation to remove kcb from kcb scheduling...
2014-10-14 Simon GerberAdded switching of kcb on timer interrupt and added...
2014-10-14 Gerd ZellwegerMake kcb 2**13 in size.
2014-10-14 Simon GerberAdded capability type and struct definition for kcb...
2014-10-14 Gerd ZellwegerCan halt/resume cores again using monitor/mwait.
2014-10-14 Gerd ZellwegerAdd syscall to get phys address of struct global.
2014-10-14 Gerd ZellwegerRemove trailing whitespace.
2014-10-14 Gerd ZellwegerAdded Syscalls for startup ipi and init ipi.
2014-05-21 Simon GerberFixed monitor arm code.
2014-03-25 Simon Gerbermonitor: removed unused monitor_identify_cnode_get_cap.
2013-12-19 Simon GerberMerge branch 'master' into master-into-distops
2013-11-14 Gerd ZellwegerAdded a syscall to halt a core.
2013-10-02 Simon GerberRedesigned hw page table dumping to be an invocation...
2013-07-18 Simon GerberMerge master into distops.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillImplemented monitor_delete_foreign invocation.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillRewrote distributed revoke and delete handling.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillImplemented support for "give_away" transfers in capops...
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded individual remote relations bits for copies/ances...
2013-07-18 Mark NevillImplemented "has_descendants" for retype.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillImplemented monitor_copy_existing invocation.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillExport capop rx handlers so they can be used in vtbls.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillIntegrated delete & revoke handling.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillImplemented monitor_(un)lock_cap.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillImplemented get/set owner monitor invocations.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillFixed missing/implicit includes in libbarrelfish headers.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded invocations for distcap_get_state.
2013-01-29 Simon Gerberx86_64: Implemented modifying flags for parts of mapped...
2013-01-29 Simon GerberFixed & unified vnode_entry_bits.
2013-01-29 Simon GerberImplemented new VNode_Map syscall.
2013-01-29 Simon GerberAdded code to dump hardware page tables from user space.
2013-01-29 Simon GerberAdded vm_modify_mapping syscall on pmem capabilities...
2013-01-29 Simon GerberChanged cte size to 128 bytes.
2012-06-22 Raphael FuchsAdded ID capability, providing a system-wide unique ID.
2012-06-18 Raphael FuchsAdded ability to create certain capabilities at runtime...
2012-05-08 Simon PeterMerged with tip.
2012-05-07 Simon PeterNew SCC boot method. Instead of duplicating memory...
2012-02-08 Mark NevillMerged MDB rewrite.
2012-01-25 Mark NevillAdapt existing mdb functions in kernel to use new tree.
2012-01-23 Andrew Baumannremove support for Beehive
2011-08-02 Simon PeterMerge from ASPLOS tree.
2011-07-18 Andrew Baumannfixes to enable compilation with ICC
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.