Fix bug in libdomain/domain_cap_hash()
[barrelfish] / include / barrelfish_kpi / types.h
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiFix bug in libdomain/domain_cap_hash()
2017-03-06 Reto Achermannmaking hwid_t to be uintptr_t
2017-03-03 Reto AchermannAdding type for the core's hardware id hwid_t
2016-11-28 Adam Turowskisystime: introducing system time based on time stamp...
2016-04-18 Simon GerberSquashed changes of e89aa91..6ca6bdf (master as of...
2016-03-09 Adam TurowskiAdding an option to warn about comparisions that are...
2016-02-08 Moritz Hoffmannhamlet, kpi types, caps: add pasid type
2014-12-16 Reto Achermannlibnuma: changes in type defs and macros
2012-06-22 Raphael FuchsAdded ID capability, providing a system-wide unique ID.
2012-05-05 Raphael FuchsFixed bug in resource id defines.
2012-02-22 Kornilios Kourtismerge with main tree
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32: use PRI{u,x}32, PRI{u,x}PTR, etc in...
2012-01-17 Mark NevillAdded gensize_t, implemented get_address and get_size.
2012-01-06 Kornilios Kourtismerge newlib patches into tree
2011-12-29 Andrew Baumanngeneral cleanup of monitor internals
2011-12-28 Zeus Gómez MarmolejoReplaced caddr_t type with capaddr_t to avoid conflict...
2011-12-27 Andrew Baumannrename MAX_CPUS to MAX_COREID, and increase it to 254...
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.