armv8: Port irq cap invocations
[barrelfish] / kernel / arch / arm / irq.c
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv8: Port irq cap invocations
2019-04-03 Reto Achermannreplacing umlaute and fixing address in headers Haldene...
2019-02-20 Lukas HumbelTurn serial driver into module and fix userspace GIC
2018-12-13 Lukas Humbelarmv7: Move distributor driver to userspace
2018-11-27 Adam Turowskiarms: unifying interrupts, timers and platform data
2018-11-14 Adam Turowskiarmv8: generalizing the interrupt controller
2018-03-15 Reto Achermanncaps: adding endpoint cap type for UMP endpoints
2016-10-31 Adam Turowskiarm: fixing LMP delivering
2016-08-30 David CockMerge branch 'master' into arm_coreboot
2016-08-26 David CockARMv7: Route IRQs to the CPU that enables them.
2016-08-05 Simon GerberMerge branch 'caps_next'
2016-08-05 Simon GerberT258: Delete GPT cspace functionality and rename new...
2016-07-25 Simon GerberT272: armv7: implement two-level cspace layout
2016-07-07 Moritz HoffmannIncremental updates to make Barrelfish work on TMAS...
2016-06-13 David CockRationalised the ARM Platform code.
2016-05-30 Timothy RoscoeRefactored ARMv7-A code.
2015-11-16 David CockClean merge of HP's ARMv8 code