xeon_phi: fix compilation with full debug enabled
[barrelfish] / kernel /
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannk1om: fixing initialization of apic timer interrupts
2017-06-23 Adam Turowskicompiler-rt: removing an arm abi override, defaulting...
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskiarmv7: save vfp context (at least part of it)
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskiarmv7: moving do_resume from the general arm part ...
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskilibc: removing newlib, adding BSD libc
2017-06-21 Adam Turowskiarmv7: enabling VFP
2017-06-14 Reto Achermannarmv8: fixing misaligned page-table in bootdriver
2017-06-02 Simon Gerberkernel: caps_lookup_slot: fix edgecase for l1 index...
2017-06-01 Adam TurowskiRemoving Windows newlines.
2017-05-10 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Remove generic_timer.dev (now in armv8.dev)
2017-05-10 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Make gic_v3 use new ARMv8 mackerel file
2017-05-10 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Use generated armv8 mackerel files
2017-04-18 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Correct timer calls.
2017-04-18 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Store status register on interrupt
2017-04-13 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Disable GICv2 FIQ bypass interrupt
2017-04-13 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Give correct name to GIC files
2017-04-13 Lukas HumbelARMv8: Make GIC400 work. Timer interrupts work.
2017-04-13 Lukas HumbelARMv8: On fatal_kernel_fault print causing vector
2017-03-30 Lukas HumbelAPM88xx and gicv3_mmio: use correct addresses
2017-03-20 Lukas HumbelGICv3: Add support for mem-mapped CPU interface
2017-03-16 Lukas HumbelGICv3: Generate softirq
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding stub for booting cores on the X-GENE
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannARMv8: properly restore cpudriver stack pointer on...
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannARMv8: setting stack top and number of pages to reserve...
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannARMv8: Remove kernel stack labels from linker script
2017-03-15 Lukas HumbelGICv3: add raise softirq
2017-03-15 Reto AchermannK1OM: fix build with the introduction of hwid_t
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding missing include to timers.h
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: move timer related code to timers.h
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: use timer_* functions in debug syscalls
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: do not initialize a mackerel device for accessin...
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: remove sysreg functions of counters, mackerel...
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: use mackerel device function for setting timer...
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: separating makerel file into related pieces
2017-03-14 Reto AchermannARMv8: only use ACPI 2.0+ and not APCI 1.0 if set
2017-03-10 Lukas HumbelGICv3: enable interrupts
2017-03-10 Reto AchermannARMv8: preparing bootdriver for parking protocol and...
2017-03-10 Reto AchermannARMv8: remove unused boot files
2017-03-10 Reto AchermannARMv8: removing bootdriver files from APM88xxxx cpudriver
2017-03-09 Lukas HumbelGICv3: First steps
2017-03-08 Reto AchermannARMv8: update fields of arm_core_data
2017-03-08 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding generic boot driver target
2017-03-08 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding different linker scripts for boot drivers...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: having distinct entries for the different boot...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: remove no longer needed functions from sysreg.h
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding missing function to make APM88xxxx target...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: use mackerel functions to read SP_EL0 reagister
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: refactor boot.c and use mackerel functions for...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding more mackerel definitions of system registers
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: remove functions from sysreg.h and using macker...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding more register declarations fo the device...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: use of mackerel functions to get current el
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: declaring sysreg functions as inline assembly
2017-03-06 Reto Achermannwhitespace change: tabs -> spaces
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARM: unifying coreboot on ARMv7 and ARMv8
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: remove PSCI_ON debug syscall
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARM: move the *_map.h files into /include/maps/
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: fix implementation of cpu_is_bsp()
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding system register CPACR_EL1 to the device...
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannCoredata: making archid to be of type hwid_t
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: setting global pointer in coredata struct
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding APP core boot configuration
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: APP core bootup code, passing pointer to kernel_...
2017-03-05 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding switch case for PSCI boot protocol
2017-03-05 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding more sysregs to mackerel
2017-03-04 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding comments on the needed steps to initializ...
2017-03-04 Reto AchermannARMv8: setting l0page tables for when doing PSCI boot
2017-03-04 Reto AchermannARMv8: using asmoffset for the stack field in coredata
2017-03-04 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding debug syscall to get coreboot test working
2017-03-04 Reto AchermannARMv8: reorganize kernel entry point
2017-03-02 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding entry points for the parking protocol...
2017-03-02 Reto AchermannARMv8: adapt psci to use unified smc/hvc
2017-03-02 Reto AchermannARMv8: unifying SMC/HVC calls
2017-03-01 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding mackerel definition for reading/writing...
2017-03-01 Reto AchermannARMv8: fixing invoking function for CPU on
2017-03-01 Reto Achermannarmv8: implementation of PSCI calls
2017-02-25 Reto Achermanncoreboot: reorganize into arch directory, starting...
2017-02-24 Reto Achermannarmv8: remove memcpy for old acpi pointer table in...
2017-02-24 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding platform constant PI_PLATFORM_CN88XX
2017-02-22 Reto AchermannARMv8: disabling gicv3 cpu interface enable until it...
2017-02-22 Reto AchermannARMv8: disable traps to EL2 for timer accesses
2017-02-22 Reto AchermannARMv8: initialize timers early
2017-02-22 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding functions to access the cnthctl_el3 register
2017-02-22 Reto Achermannarmv7: fix build
2017-02-19 Reto Achermanncavium: making platform compile
2017-02-17 Timothy RoscoeMerge branch 'master' into cavium
2017-02-17 Timothy RoscoeNon-working checkpoint
2017-01-16 Adam Turowskifpu context switching for x86_64: the patch by Andrei...
2017-01-05 Timothy RoscoeRemoved 32-bit x86 target
2016-12-23 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/plat_apm88xxxx: Correct gic_cpu_interface_enable...
2016-12-22 Simon GerberMerge GitHub PR#3.
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergekernel: provide __stack_chk_fail (fixes build)
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/armv8: Add RAM::frameIdentify invocation impleme...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel: cpu_a57v depends on gic_v3
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel: Do not trigger breakpoint on kernel panic
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/armv8: Remove debug leftovers from timers
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/armv8: Move GIC initialization to platform-speci...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/armv8: Print unrelocated kernel addresses for...
2016-12-14 Simon Gerberkernel: retype: more diagnostics on retype range checks
2016-12-13 David CockComments in the scheduler interface, from code walkthrough.