T154: mask out vregion flag for arm
[barrelfish] / lib / barrelfish / arch / arm / pmap_arch.c
2015-08-14 Simon GerberT154: mask out vregion flag for arm
2015-08-03 Simon Gerber32bit arm: fix large page support. Close T148.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberFix large page code so it compiles on 32bit / ARM.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberMerge large page support code.
2015-04-30 Andreas DillierLargepage repository
2015-04-30 Andreas DillierAdded large page capabilities to the x86 architecture.
2014-11-10 Gerd ZellwegerFix shadow of index variable.
2014-10-14 Simon GerberFixed libbarrelfish modify_flags code to do correct...
2014-01-22 Simon GerberFixed libbarrelfish modify_flags code to do correct...
2013-08-29 Claudio Föllmibasic armv7-m support
2013-01-30 Simon Gerberarmv5: implemented new modify_flags invocation.
2013-01-29 Simon Gerberarmv7: fixed merge errors and implemented new memory...
2013-01-29 Simon Gerberarm: pmap code cleanup and fixed new kernel memory...
2013-01-29 Simon GerberMore ARM code.
2013-01-29 Simon GerberIncomplete ARM implementation.
2012-08-08 MothySome fixes.
2012-08-05 pravin@inf.ethz.chEverything is working for 1 core.
2012-07-27 Samuel Hitzvarious adjustments to tests and benchmarks to get...
2012-07-09 Samuel Hitzlots of changes to support multi-core on gem5, be aware...
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.