devif: fixed solarflare test
[barrelfish] / lib / devif / backends / net / solarflare / hw_queue.h
2017-03-30 Roni Häckidevif: fixed solarflare test
2017-03-29 Roni Häckinetwork: removed hardcoded MAC address for solarflare...
2017-03-29 Roni Häckidevif: solarflare backend queue optimized
2017-03-09 Roni Häckinic_drivers: combined errors for NICs
2017-03-01 Roni HäckiDevq: changed interface and adapted backends/tests
2017-01-26 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: moved networking related flags to include...
2017-01-17 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: towards MSIX support for solarflare card
2017-01-16 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: small changes to solarflare backend
2016-10-07 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: fixed bug in solarflare backend
2016-10-03 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: Solaflare queue destroy added
2016-10-02 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: added callback to solarflare create
2016-10-02 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: Restructering library parts intermediate...