T258: refactor creation of new cspaces to make it cleaner
[barrelfish] / lib / spawndomain / spawn.c
2016-08-16 Simon GerberT258: refactor creation of new cspaces to make it cleaner
2016-08-05 Simon GerberMerge branch 'caps_next'
2016-07-26 Simon GerberT258: Fix domain spanning dispatcher creation
2016-07-22 Simon GerberT258, T264, T270: Implement two-level cspace layout...
2016-07-08 Simon GerberT268: Mint inherit cnode into root cnode so we can...
2016-07-07 Moritz HoffmannMerge branch 'master' into tmas
2016-07-07 Simon GerberT258: libspawndomain: fix segment cnode and page cnode...
2016-07-07 Simon GerberT258: rewrite domain creation to stay inside two level...
2016-06-28 David CockARM: Removed traces of ARMv7-M and ARMv5 code.
2016-06-15 Moritz Hoffmannaarch64: Use VNode_AARCH64_l0 as initial page table...
2016-04-29 Simon GerberT191: x86_64: refactor retype2 back to retype
2016-04-20 Simon GerberT191: change all of user space to call new retype direc...
2015-12-09 Simon GerberMerge branch 'mapping_caps'
2015-11-23 Simon GerberT187: armv7: migrate to mapping caps.
2015-11-23 Simon GerberT187: remove cap_copy() calls when mapping same frame...
2015-11-17 Moritz HoffmannT24: remove remaining SCC code
2015-11-16 David CockClean merge of HP's ARMv8 code
2014-11-20 Gerd ZellwegerMerge branch 'master' of hg.systems.ethz.ch:barrelfish
2014-11-11 Simon GerberCleaned up page cn and physaddr cn creation code.
2014-10-15 Gerd ZellwegerMerge branch coreboot.
2014-08-28 Reto Achermannspawn: added handling of spawn flags
2014-08-21 Reto Achermannlibcxx: exception handling
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleFix: vregions are only valid on x86
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannKernel: Added a new field to the dispatcher struct...
2014-08-20 Stefan KaestleMerge with Arrakis branch
2014-08-20 Simon GerberFixed missing CPU_ARM5 in spawn_setup_vspace.
2014-08-20 Simon GerberSplit CPU_ARM into CPU_ARM5 and CPU_ARM7
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannAdded: Switches for K1OM to libspawndomain
2014-03-20 Simon Gerberturn off monitor and spawn client debugging.
2014-03-17 Simon Gerbermonitor debug stuff + other debug msgs.
2014-03-07 Simon GerberMark's capabilities merged with upstream.
2014-02-28 Simon PeterThe Arrakis backport to Barrelfish.
2014-02-26 Simon GerberFixed missing CPU_ARM5 in spawn_setup_vspace.
2014-02-25 Simon GerberSplit CPU_ARM into CPU_ARM5 and CPU_ARM7
2013-10-24 Gerd ZellwegerGeneric function for inheritcn cap copy.
2013-04-22 Kornilios Kourtisfix buflen when calling single_slot_alloc_raw()
2013-01-29 Simon GerberBarrelfish (standard config) boots with 1 mapping per...
2012-06-22 Raphael FuchsAdding functionality to inherit capabilities and pass...
2012-02-09 Mark NevillFixed uninitialized argspg when spanning domains.
2012-01-23 Andrew Baumannremove support for Beehive
2011-09-16 Jana GicevaReverted problematic size change to network stack,...
2011-09-16 Simon PeterFinalized socket inheritance with pause and reverted...
2011-09-16 Simon PeterCheckpoint: Socket inheritance with pause.
2011-09-14 Jana Gicevasnapshot cont.
2011-08-02 Simon PeterMerge from ASPLOS tree.
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.