Merge branch 'caps_next'
[barrelfish] / platforms / Hakefile
2016-06-07 Simon GerberMerge branch 'caps_next'
2016-05-23 Reto Achermannmaking K1OM_Full build again
2016-04-29 Simon GerberT191: x86_64: refactor retype2 back to retype
2016-04-20 Simon GerberT191: write multi retype test and add test_retype2...
2016-02-23 Moritz Hoffmanneclipseclp + toosl: Rename eclipse_kernel_ramfs to...
2016-02-23 Moritz Hoffmannplatforms: Update copyright notice.
2016-02-23 Moritz Hoffmanneclipseclp: update Hakefiles
2015-12-09 Simon GerberMerge branch 'mapping_caps'
2015-11-27 Timothy RoscoeRemoved Heterogeneous PandaBoard support
2015-11-26 David CockMore ARMv8 bugfixes. Boots now.
2015-11-23 Simon Gerberplatforms: Hakefile: append modules_common to modules_x...
2015-11-23 Simon GerberT187: improve VM kernel interface tests + add harness...
2015-11-23 David CockARMv8-GEM5 builds again, with the new exception vectors.
2015-11-17 Moritz HoffmannT24: remove remaining SCC code
2015-11-17 Simon Gerberplatforms: add VM tests to Hakefile
2015-11-16 David CockClean merge of HP's ARMv8 code
2015-09-14 Simon Gerberplatforms/Hakefile: Add tests_common to tests_x86
2015-09-01 David CockARMv5 doesn't actually use romfs_size.h
2015-08-28 David CockRemoved ARM11MP - unsupported and non-functional.
2015-08-28 David CockXScale builds
2015-08-28 David Cockarmv7-m (heteropanda) builds.
2015-08-27 David CockNew-style Xeon Phi build
2015-08-11 David CockInclude modules_common in x86 builds
2015-08-11 David CockGeneric modules shouldn't be listed under <arch>/
2015-08-11 David CockMake use global ARM_GCC
2015-07-03 Timothy RoscoeSimplification of, addition of...