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2019-04-17 Lukas Humbelsockeye: Import barebones.soc file and add hake rule
2019-04-03 Reto Achermannreplacing umlaute and fixing address in headers Haldene...
2018-04-29 Lukas Humbelsocs: correct knc sockeye
2018-04-29 Reto Achermannsocs: use explicit ranges in the Sockeye definitions
2018-04-29 Lukas HumbelSockeye: correct xeon phi defs
2018-04-26 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Remove hardcoded xeon phi hack. Add XPHI DMA...
2018-04-24 Reto Achermannsockeye: don't use bits and use range instead
2018-04-24 Reto Achermannsockeye: update xeon phi description
2018-04-22 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Make it work for xeon phi + xeon_phi alias...
2018-04-20 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Mark pci vaddr in use.
2018-04-19 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Add Xeon Phi
2018-04-11 Reto Achermannsocs: updating hakefile
2018-04-11 Reto Achermannsockeye: adding support for block configurable mappings
2018-04-06 Roni HäckiSockeye: remove PCI bars from generated code
2018-04-06 Roni Häckisockey: x86_iommu filed upated for PCI
2018-03-28 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Initialize DRAM with available memory
2018-03-22 Lukas HumbelSockeye: First version of common buffer query working
2018-03-13 Lukas HumbelSockeye: load x86 decoding net on kaluga start
2018-03-12 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Make PL queries treat node overlay correctly
2018-03-12 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Add resolve function
2018-02-28 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Simple x86 model with runtime manipulation
2018-02-27 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Forall quantifier
2018-02-20 Lukas HumbelSockeye: instantiating modules with (no outputs yet)
2018-02-16 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Improving on Prolog output
2018-02-15 Lukas HumbelStarting the Prolog backend for sockeye2
2017-12-22 Lukas HumbelSockeye: Add root namespace to int net
2017-12-22 Lukas HumbelAdd OMAP44xx interrupt model
2017-07-24 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Improve import handling
2017-07-20 Daniel SchwynStart modularizing omap44xx spec
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynAdapt OMAP44xx spec to new sockeye
2017-07-18 Daniel SchwynUpdate omap44xx spec to new Sockeye syntax
2017-06-26 Daniel SchwynBackport OMAP44xx spec changes from page-tables branch
2017-06-16 Daniel SchwynOMAP4460 spec: Fix address mapping for L3_OCM_RAM in L3
2017-06-16 Daniel SchwynOMAP4460 spec: Fix address mapping for CKGEN_CM1
2017-06-15 Daniel SchwynRemove test .soc file from Hakefile
2017-06-15 Daniel SchwynSeparate node IDs by whitespace for 'are' instead of...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRemove omap4460_paper.soc
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynFix CORTEXA9 -> L3 mapping
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd CORTEXA9 node to OMAP spec
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd power/clock management details to OMAP specs
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynFirst take on complete OMAP4460 specs
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynGroup devices by modules
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynOMAP4460 spec with all interconnects
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynStart more complete spec of OMAP4460
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynUse node type for shared memory query
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynIntegrate sockeye with hake