harness: machines: define custom buildall targets for armv7/armv8 machines
[barrelfish] / tools / harness / machines / eth_machinedata.py
2017-08-29 Simon Gerberharness: machines: define custom buildall targets for...
2017-07-26 Reto Achermannincreasing boot timeout for the big ARM machine release2017-07-26
2017-06-02 Simon Gerberharness: fix gorgonzola2 machine data
2017-03-09 Reto Achermannharness: adding support for boot drivers
2017-02-24 Reto Achermannharness: actually define machine gorgonzola2
2017-02-22 Reto Achermannharness: add new machines
2016-11-28 Moritz Hoffmannharness: Change machine create parameters from dict...
2016-11-15 Moritz Hoffmannharness: prepare for armv8
2016-11-07 Adam Turowskiharness: adding bridge_bios option to gruyere
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: start cleaning up default_bootmodules()
2016-07-25 Gerd ZellwegerInitial import of block device refactoring.
2016-06-16 Simon Gerberharness: remove armv7-m from pandaboard buildarchs
2016-06-15 Simon Gerberharness: update copyright notices and remove unused...
2016-06-15 Simon Gerberharness: Run tests on racked pandaboards
2016-04-18 Simon GerberSquashed changes of e89aa91..6ca6bdf (master as of...
2016-04-18 Simon Gerberharness: Remove x86_32 from buildarchs for x86_64 ethz...
2015-09-01 David CockAdded pandaboards to eth_machinedata.py (harness)
2015-06-26 Reto Achermannharness: adding k1om to build archs for babybel adaptin...
2015-06-22 Reto Achermannharness: adding test for xeon phi boot
2015-05-05 Simon Gerberharness: Add babybel4 to eth machines.
2014-11-28 Gerd ZellwegerRenamed the 32bit variants as well. release2014-12-01
2014-11-28 Gerd ZellwegerChange machine names to uniform naming.
2014-10-16 Simon Gerberharness: Added asiago and babybel to eth machine list.
2014-10-15 Simon Gerberharness: Added brie machines as 32 bit targets.
2014-08-20 Simon Gerberfixed missing perfcount_type in brie machine data.
2014-05-09 Simon Gerberharness: Added burrata.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerAdd vacherin to scalebench. Cleanup old entries.
2014-03-20 Simon Gerberfixed missing perfcount_type in brie machine data.
2014-03-07 Simon Gerberfixed missing perfcount_type in brie machine data. release2014-03-11
2013-07-22 Stefan Kaestlescalebench: Use Python 2.6 dictionary comprehension...
2013-06-24 Stefan KaestleAdded brie machines to scalebench
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.