Removing unused declarations
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2017-09-28 Roni Häckischedsim: fixed building of test
2017-09-27 Roni Häckiharness: xeon phi test did not contain proc_mgmt module
2017-09-26 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/master...
2017-09-26 Simon GerberMerge Razvan's process management code.
2017-09-21 Roni Häckiharness: webserver tests added test using e10k/solarflare
2017-09-20 Roni Häckiharness: devif test only spawn required net_socket...
2017-09-20 Roni Häckiharness: added nfscat tests that use e10k and solarflar...
2017-09-19 Adam Turowskiflounder: proper token reading when a buffer is sent...
2017-09-18 Roni Häckinet_sockets: change service so it can be used for all...
2017-09-14 Daniel SchwynProlog code style fixes
2017-09-12 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-09-11 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Use ECLiPSe struct notation in generated code
2017-09-11 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Add node type for cores
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiTidy up the process management test.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiDIRTY benchmark commit
2017-08-31 Roni Häckiharness: devif test gethostip sometimes fails, fallback...
2017-08-29 Simon Gerberharness: machines: define custom buildall targets for...
2017-08-29 Simon Gerberharness: fix release build to ignore unused variables
2017-08-29 Roni Häckiharness: vmkit test added net_socket module
2017-08-29 Simon Gerberharness: memtest: properly fail memtest_multicore when...
2017-08-24 Roni Häckiharness: devif udp test adapted arguments to simplified...
2017-08-16 Roni Häckiharness: added udp test to devif tests
2017-08-07 Roni Häckiharness: devif test simplified getting IP
2017-08-07 Roni Häckiharness: devif test fix parsing destination IP on emmen...
2017-08-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Generate addresses with ISO hex prefix
2017-08-07 Daniel SchwynRevert "Sockeye: Generate decimal addresses"
2017-08-04 Roni Häckiharness: fixed devif test processing bug
2017-08-04 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Generate decimal addresses
2017-08-04 Roni Häckiharness: fixing devif test
2017-08-03 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Code cleanup
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Fix empty top level namespace being compiled...
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Change default dest base for mapping to 0...
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement check for undefined ports
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement reference check in input port declar...
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement reference check for port mappings
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: implement reference check inside node declarations
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Consier input mappings and output ports in...
2017-08-02 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Show global and root module fails first
2017-07-31 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Fix duplicate variable check for nested for...
2017-07-31 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Collect errors in type checker instead of...
2017-07-31 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Clean up ASTs
2017-07-31 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Rename Checker to TypeChecker
2017-07-31 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Reimplement port translation
2017-07-28 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start reimplementing net builder on top of...
2017-07-28 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement module instantiator
2017-07-27 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing port checks
2017-07-26 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Refactor arguments type check
2017-07-26 Reto Achermannincreasing boot timeout for the big ARM machine release2017-07-26
2017-07-25 Daniel SchwynSockeye TN: More updates
2017-07-25 Reto Achermannharness: increasing timeout for the mt_waitset test...
2017-07-24 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Improve import handling
2017-07-24 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-07-24 Reto Achermannharness: checking the right condition for the xeon...
2017-07-24 Reto Achermannflounder: sending the right bind/bind-reply message...
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannweever: differentiate error values from elfload
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannharness: adding netsockets server to xeon phi test
2017-07-22 Reto Achermannarmv8: fixing menu.lst files and adding bootdriver...
2017-07-21 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Enable generating make depend file during...
2017-07-20 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Enable generation of dependency file
2017-07-20 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Fix import system
2017-07-20 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Add possibility to add reserved blocks
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynSockeye: clean up
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Handle arbitrary large numbers
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Finish implementation of overlay to map transl...
2017-07-18 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing overley to map translation
2017-07-18 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Switch default mapping to 0x0 if no base addre...
2017-07-18 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement import support
2017-07-17 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Represent NodeId as name + namespace list...
2017-07-14 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Remove debug imports
2017-07-14 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement port mappings
2017-07-14 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement proper module instantiation check
2017-07-13 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing decoding net transformation
2017-07-13 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Finish AST simplification
2017-07-13 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing new simplification approach...
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing port mappings
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Adapt prolog backend to new AST
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement checks in net builder
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Better naming for some AST types
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement nodeSpec conversion
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'bsdlibc'
2017-07-11 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementation of net builder
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiRemoving ssh
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiFixing compilation issues on x86_64 and armv8
2017-07-11 Adam Turowskihake: removing an unknown warning option from the x86_6...
2017-07-10 Adam Turowskinet_sockets: some TCP fixups
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementation of net builder
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Add check for self instantiation
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Checker code improvements
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Refactor ASTs
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Add stub for net builder
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Rename 'int' type to 'nat'
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Better error messages for checker
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Cleanup checker
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Checker now checks everything
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Finish checker for NodeSpec
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Checker almost finished
2017-07-06 Adam Turowskiharness: adjusting http tests to a new network stack
2017-07-06 Adam Turowskitftpclient: converting to net sockets
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementation of checker