Sockeye: Improve import handling
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2017-07-24 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Improve import handling
2017-07-24 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannweever: differentiate error values from elfload
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannharness: adding netsockets server to xeon phi test
2017-07-22 Reto Achermannarmv8: fixing menu.lst files and adding bootdriver...
2017-07-21 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Enable generating make depend file during...
2017-07-20 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Enable generation of dependency file
2017-07-20 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Fix import system
2017-07-20 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Add possibility to add reserved blocks
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynSockeye: clean up
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Handle arbitrary large numbers
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Finish implementation of overlay to map transl...
2017-07-18 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing overley to map translation
2017-07-18 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Switch default mapping to 0x0 if no base addre...
2017-07-18 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement import support
2017-07-17 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Represent NodeId as name + namespace list...
2017-07-14 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Remove debug imports
2017-07-14 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement port mappings
2017-07-14 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement proper module instantiation check
2017-07-13 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing decoding net transformation
2017-07-13 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Finish AST simplification
2017-07-13 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing new simplification approach...
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementing port mappings
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Adapt prolog backend to new AST
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement checks in net builder
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Better naming for some AST types
2017-07-12 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Implement nodeSpec conversion
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'bsdlibc'
2017-07-11 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementation of net builder
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiRemoving ssh
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiFixing compilation issues on x86_64 and armv8
2017-07-11 Adam Turowskihake: removing an unknown warning option from the x86_6...
2017-07-10 Adam Turowskinet_sockets: some TCP fixups
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementation of net builder
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Add check for self instantiation
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Checker code improvements
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Refactor ASTs
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Add stub for net builder
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Rename 'int' type to 'nat'
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Better error messages for checker
2017-07-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Cleanup checker
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Checker now checks everything
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Finish checker for NodeSpec
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Checker almost finished
2017-07-06 Adam Turowskiharness: adjusting http tests to a new network stack
2017-07-06 Adam Turowskitftpclient: converting to net sockets
2017-07-06 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Start implementation of checker
2017-07-04 Daniel SchwynSockeye: fix typo
2017-07-04 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Allow to instantiate modules with inlined...
2017-07-04 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Allow to use inlined for in node decls
2017-07-04 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Refactoring
2017-07-04 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Allow do define port mappings with inline...
2017-07-03 Adam Turowskiharness: changing tests to net sockets
2017-07-03 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Allow to define ports with inline range in...
2017-07-03 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Fix Identifier parsing
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Introduce for loops
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Only one list for port mappings
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Correct file headers for ASTs
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Better error messages for parser
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Parser for new syntax
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: WIP: Parser for new syntax
2017-06-30 Adam Turowskik1om: some fix-ups
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Correct imports
2017-06-30 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Complete new AST for Frontend
2017-06-29 Daniel SchwynSockeye: New AST for Frontend
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskidevif_test: fixing e10k queue constructor call
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskiharness: call hake with a proper architecture
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskilibc: removing newlib, adding BSD libc
2017-06-15 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Generate hex addresses for Prolog
2017-06-15 Daniel SchwynSeparate node IDs by whitespace for 'are' instead of...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMake Sockeye case sensitive again
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynEnsure all node identifers are compiled to Prolog atoms
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynImprove error message on syntax errors with 'is'/'are'
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMake checker case insensitive
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd support for '-' in node IDs
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd types to node
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynIntegrate sockeye with hake
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRename sockey2 -> sockeye
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/skate' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynDo not generate preamble when compiling Sockeye files...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMove Prolog predicates to usr/skb/programs
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd Sockeye file for OMAP4460
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRename new sockeye binary to sockeye2
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd first versions of predicates for configuration...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd predicates to print all origin/target ranges of...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRefactor predicates
2017-06-13 Daniel Schwynmake net predicate dynamic
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynPredicates: Use constraints for addresses and backtrack...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynStart using constraints for decoding net predicates
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMake sure the @none for null-overlays is treated as...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynFix translate predicate
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynFix order in some predicates to make search tree (consi...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMake sure atoms start with lower case
2017-06-13 Daniel Schwyndecoding net predicates (need to be moved to SKB at...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynFirst take on Prolog backend
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynUse unlines to print lines
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd stub for prolog backend
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd option to specify output file