A more generic way of passing caps to user-space drivers.
[barrelfish] / usr / kaluga / main.c
2013-07-16 Gerd ZellwegerA more generic way of passing caps to user-space drivers.
2013-07-16 Gerd ZellwegerTowards user-level sdcard driver. Still need to add...
2013-07-16 Achermann RetoAllow driver start-up on ARM by relying on Kaluga.
2012-03-27 Gerd Zellwegernewlib needs vfs_init().
2012-03-22 Gerd ZellwegerMoving IO APIC back into ACPI.
2012-03-22 Gerd ZellwegerSome comments.
2012-03-20 Gerd ZellwegerChange boot process to boot cores in sequential fashion...
2012-03-19 Gerd Zellwegerchanged service ref for e1000 to e1000n to be compatibl...
2012-03-16 Gerd ZellwegerRenaming errors and header defines...
2012-03-16 Gerd ZellwegerMore renaming
2012-03-16 Gerd Zellwegerdist2 include rename
2012-03-16 Gerd ZellwegerRenaming header files.
2012-03-10 Gerd ZellwegerRemove sleep/reset handlers from PCI interface and
2012-03-10 Gerd ZellwegerStarting PCI.
2012-03-02 Gerd ZellwegerExtended Kaluga: Added custom handler function for...
2012-02-29 Gerd ZellwegerAdded functionality to start PCI driver to Kaluga.
2012-02-29 Gerd ZellwegerSmall fixes, save entire line to boot CPU driver.
2012-02-29 Gerd ZellwegerParsing menu.lst in Kaluga to find driver binaries.
2012-02-27 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure it compiles again.
2012-02-27 Gerd ZellwegerUse arch_id to avoid spawning the same core twice.
2012-02-27 Gerd ZellwegerSome debug output in kaluga.
2012-02-27 Gerd ZellwegerFixed crash in kaluga.
2012-02-27 Gerd ZellwegerProvide proper arch and cpu id in kaluga on core boot and
2012-02-24 Gerd ZellwegerChanged interface for trigger/pubsub to match each...
2012-02-22 Gerd ZellwegerSwitching to THC in dist2 client.
2012-02-17 Gerd ZellwegerSmall refactoring - commit before starting to work...
2012-02-17 Gerd ZellwegerGiving device_mgr a fish name :-).
2012-02-16 Gerd ZellwegerRenaming device manager