added entries to gitignore
[barrelfish] / usr / mem_serv / mem_serv.c
2014-08-20 Reto Achermannadded entries to gitignore
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannAddition of a second supercn.
2013-03-20 Kornilios Kourtistrace: make it compile for arm
2013-03-19 Kornilios KourtisNew tracing infrastructure
2012-08-05 pravin@inf.ethz.chEverything is working for 1 core.
2012-06-02 Samuel Hitzfixed an inlining bug in arm-gcc, replaced chips with...
2012-01-23 Andrew Baumannremove support for Beehive
2011-12-28 Zeus Gómez MarmolejoBoots correctly for both freec and newlib
2011-09-16 Jana GicevaReverted problematic size change to network stack,...
2011-09-13 Jana Gicevapushed error MM_ERR_FIND_NODE on the error stack in...
2011-08-02 Simon PeterMerge from ASPLOS tree.
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.