monitor: bugfixes in the revocation protocol
[barrelfish] / usr / monitor / capops / revoke.c
2015-08-05 Reto Achermannmonitor: bugfixes in the revocation protocol
2015-08-05 Simon Gerbermonitor: distops: add missing free + assert in retrieve.
2015-08-05 Reto Achermannmonitor: handover of correct state for cap revocations
2014-11-28 Simon Gerbercapsend broadcast: can now remember set of destination...
2014-11-26 Simon GerberImplemented simple octopus-based num_monitors_online...
2014-11-05 Simon Gerbermonitor: fixed revoke and delete paths for single-core...
2014-03-25 Simon GerberMake x86_32 compile; some of the monitor invocations...
2014-03-18 Simon Gerberfixed stuff + more output.
2013-07-26 Simon Gerbermonitor: Fixed missing list cleanup in capops/revoke.
2013-07-26 Simon GerberAdded explanatory printf in revoke machinery; fixed...
2013-07-26 Simon GerberFixed some issues in revoke machinery.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillRewrote distributed revoke and delete handling.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillIncomplete cleanup of delete capop to use conts.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillFixed cap locking in revoke.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded function to initialize intermon rx_vtbl capop...
2013-07-18 Mark NevillRemoved some debugging prints.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded and fixed various debug printfs related to cap...
2013-07-18 Mark NevillExport capop rx handlers so they can be used in vtbls.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillMoved capops headers into monitor's include dir, added...
2013-07-18 Mark NevillRe-enabled "remote_relations" in mdb and fixed over...
2013-07-18 Mark NevillIntegrated delete & revoke handling.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillChanged API to better support caps from other domains.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillPrefix remaining unimplemented invocatios with "monitor_".
2013-07-18 Mark NevillMigrated capops to clearer "locking" semantics.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillIntegrated error codes into errno.fugu.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded invocations for distcap_get_state.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded capop messages to intermon.if.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillReordered some things in revoke.c for clarity.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillSuitably prefixed all "capsend" functions.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillRenamed capops/transport to capops/capsend.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded retype, made things more compilable.
2013-07-18 Mark NevillAdded some code for revoke&delete, does not compile.