Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into sockeye
[barrelfish] / usr / skb / Hakefile
2017-07-24 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-26 Daniel SchwynBackport OMAP44xx spec changes from page-tables branch
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskiskb: switching from dlmalloc to libc malloc
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynIntegrate sockeye with hake
2017-05-05 Moritz Hoffmannlib/gmp: Remove from tree
2016-08-31 David CockARMv7: Coreboot paramaters through the SKB
2016-07-25 Reto Achermannskb/armv7: enabling full SKB for ARMv7
2016-07-25 Reto Achermannskb: do not use full vfs for SKB.
2016-07-20 Moritz HoffmannMerge branch 'master' into tmas
2016-07-19 Moritz Hoffmannskb: remove old eclipseclp release2016-07-20
2016-07-19 Moritz Hoffmannskb: Build regular SKB on armv8.
2016-02-24 Moritz Hoffmannskb: Link against gmp.
2016-02-23 Moritz Hoffmannskb: Use new Shm library.
2016-02-23 Moritz Hoffmannskb: Update copyright notices.
2016-02-23 Moritz Hoffmannskb: Update Hakefile to link skb against new eclipseclp.
2015-07-03 Timothy RoscoeSimplification of, addition of...
2014-08-20 Reto AchermannReplaced skb and ACPI with arrakis branch.
2014-02-28 Simon PeterThe Arrakis backport to Barrelfish.
2012-03-29 Gerd ZellwegerFix error in simple skb and spawnd ifdef.
2012-03-29 Gerd ZellwegerAdjust menu.lst files. Remove arm from SKB hakefiles,
2012-03-28 Gerd ZellwegerSKB compiles for ARM. However ec_init fails with weird...
2012-03-27 Gerd ZellwegerAdd octopus binding to SKB make file to avoid compile...
2012-03-27 Gerd ZellwegerMerge with current tip.
2012-03-27 Gerd ZellwegerSKB compiles on SCC.
2012-03-17 Gerd Zellwegerlast renaming changes
2012-03-16 Gerd Zellwegerrenamed dist folder in skb
2012-03-16 Gerd ZellwegerMore renaming
2012-02-25 Gerd ZellwegerMoved capstorage from chips in dist2.
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtismerge newlib tree to current
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisvfsfd: provide a thin library for unix-like system...
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtishake: make linking of libraries explicit again
2012-02-01 Gerd ZellwegerAdded bitfield index for publish / subscribe + some...
2012-01-28 Gerd ZellwegerFinal configuration for benchmarking get/set API on...
2012-01-28 Gerd ZellwegerMerge with current tip
2012-01-21 Gerd ZellwegerWorking on attribute index written in C using skip...
2012-01-13 Gerd ZellwegerRemove debug output, add cycle counter for eclipse...
2012-01-10 Simon GerberAdded AHCI driver (ahcid), AHCI user-space library...
2012-01-06 Kornilios Kourtismerge newlib patches into tree
2011-12-31 Zeus Gómez MarmolejoCompiles and links with freec/newlib with gcc-4.5.2
2011-12-13 Gerd ZellwegerRefactoring
2011-12-06 Gerd ZellwegerWorked on Locking, Barriers, Sequential Objects
2011-12-02 Gerd Zellwegertrying to find eclipse ec_resume() bug (not returning...
2011-11-24 Gerd Zellwegerrevert changes in prolog
2011-11-23 Gerd Zellwegerdist2 refactoring done
2011-11-22 Gerd Zellwegermove server code into library
2011-11-17 Gerd Zellwegerimproved locking function, some refactoring in server...
2011-11-16 Gerd Zellwegerweird bug in skb queue
2011-11-11 Gerd Zellwegerpublish subscribe tests working
2011-11-10 Gerd Zellwegerreworked mem management in skb server
2011-11-09 Gerd Zellwegerbasic publish/subscribe functionality
2011-11-04 Gerd ZellwegerInitial api for get/set working in combination with...
2011-11-03 Gerd Zellwegeradded dist2 library, test and parser in skb
2011-10-28 Gerd ZellwegerSome initial prolog programs for MA
2011-10-08 pravin@inf.ethz.chAdded a library procon for producer/consumer based...
2011-09-01 Simon Peter* Added compile trace replayer
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.