Add spawn, spawn_with_caps and span calls to the Process Manager API.
[barrelfish] / usr / spawnd / service.c
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiAdd spawn, spawn_with_caps and span calls to the Proces...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiRefactor process manager to enable spawnd discovery.
2017-02-28 Adam Turowskiflounder: merging rpc client with a binding layer
2017-02-22 Adam Turowskiflounder: making const pointers in receiving handlers...
2016-09-21 Simon GerberT284: Change flounder to use provided slots when in...
2016-08-05 Simon GerberMerge branch 'caps_next'
2016-07-26 Adam TurowskiAdjustments of IPC to match new convention (static...
2016-07-22 Simon GerberT258, T264, T270: Implement two-level cspace layout...
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: kernel, spawnd, fish: Use dispatcher invocations...
2015-05-04 yauhenkFix Null pointer dereference in the spawnd daemon.
2014-11-26 Simon GerberMerge branch 'master' into distops
2014-11-22 Gerd ZellwegerCompile armv5 and runs memtest on Qemu.
2014-11-11 Gerd ZellwegerRemove debug print.
2014-11-05 Simon GerberCleaned up remaining debug printfs.
2014-10-31 Simon Gerbertmp: debugging pandaboard fish not able to spawn domains.
2014-10-31 Simon GerberRevert "Trying to debug why fish can't connect to spawnd."
2014-10-20 Simon Gerberfixed merge errors in usr/spawnd/service.c
2014-10-20 Simon GerberMerge branch 'master' into master-into-distops
2014-08-28 Reto Achermannspawn: added handling of spawn flags
2014-08-21 Reto AchermannReverted and applied Simon's xcore patch
2014-08-20 Reto Achermannspawn_with_cap: workaround
2014-08-20 Reto Achermannspawnd: missing #ifdef resulted in a wait forever condition
2014-03-28 Simon GerberTrying to debug why fish can't connect to spawnd.
2014-03-20 Simon Gerberturn off monitor and spawn client debugging.
2014-03-18 Simon Gerberfixed stuff + more output.
2014-03-17 Simon Gerbermonitor debug stuff + other debug msgs.
2014-03-07 Simon GerberMark's capabilities merged with upstream.
2013-07-26 Simon GerberAdded comment in spawnd.
2013-07-26 Simon GerberAdded explanatory printf in revoke machinery; fixed...
2013-02-08 Zaheer ChothiaFixed several bugs where 'sizeof' applied to pointer...
2012-06-22 Raphael FuchsAdding functionality to inherit capabilities and pass...
2012-03-29 Gerd ZellwegerFix error in simple skb and spawnd ifdef.
2012-03-29 Gerd ZellwegerDon't use Kaluga on ARM and SCC for now. Need to think...
2012-02-24 Gerd ZellwegerAdded barrier to spawnd in case Kaluga is not running.
2012-02-16 Gerd ZellwegerRemoved all_spawnd_up barrier.
2011-08-04 Simon PeterFixed spawn_program_on_all_cores() to check first wheth...
2011-08-02 Simon PeterMerge from ASPLOS tree.
2011-07-08 Stefan KästleInitial version of public stable barrelfish repository.