Remove serial port hardcoding.
[barrelfish] / usr /
2015-06-03 Simon GerberInitial AArch64/ARMv8 skeleton.
2015-06-01 Simon Gerbernewlib: fixup patch for new newlib version and adjust...
2015-05-22 Reto Achermannusb: adding the correct offset to the interrupt table...
2015-05-19 Reto Achermannlibdma: enabling msix support for IOAT. [Closes T101]
2015-05-18 Gerd ZellwegerFix hakefile.
2015-05-18 Gerd Zellweger[T96, T88] Added initial pthreads join test program.
2015-05-06 Simon Gerbermultihop: fix cap ownership tranfer over multihop channel.
2015-05-06 Simon Gerberdistops: fix typos and small bugs in delete state machine.
2015-05-05 Gerd ZellwegerFix size of argument buffer.
2015-05-04 Gerd ZellwegerMake SKB behaviour more robust in case of overflow.
2015-05-04 yauhenkFix Null pointer dereference in the spawnd daemon.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberMerge large page support code.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberlarge page test: improvements in output.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberClarified printfs in large page test.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberAdded test case to inspect processed argc/argv after...
2015-05-04 Simon GerberAdded malloc test to check whether large page magic...
2015-05-04 Simon GerberAdded unaligned mixed 4k/2M test in large page tests.
2015-04-30 Simon Gerberx86_32: Added notice about CONFIG_PSE in large page...
2015-04-30 Simon GerberAdded x86_32 version of large page test.
2015-04-30 Simon GerberAdded large page test.
2015-04-30 Simon GerberKernel test that checks that we preserve page table...
2015-04-30 Andreas DillierLargepage repository
2015-04-12 Zaheer ChothiaDisable -Wshadow for thcidctest
2015-03-09 Simon GerberT65: implement proper x-core join.
2015-03-09 Simon GerberT65: properly implement x-core thread creation.
2015-03-09 Simon Gerberfish: Add simple hexdump utility.
2015-03-09 Simon GerberAdd get_absolute_time() syscall + implement std::chrono...
2015-03-09 Simon Gerbercxx: fixed thread::join() and added simple threads...
2015-03-09 Simon Gerbercxx: Added various bits and pieces in cxx tests.
2015-02-18 Gerd ZellwegerFix compilation of e10k. release2015-03-04
2015-02-17 Simon Gerberspawnd: reorganized code to eliminate duplicate get_cor...
2015-02-17 Simon Gerberspawnd: clarify "up" message with core id.
2015-02-17 Simon Gerbermonitor: change debug_printf in delete_steps_init(...
2015-02-02 Simon GerberAdded C++ test that includes barrelfish/barrelfish.h
2015-02-02 Simon GerberRename struct slab_alloc to struct slab_allocator.
2015-01-29 Simon GerberRemoved submodules. release2015-01-29
2015-01-28 Simon Gerbercopy-on-write example: added actual copying of frame...
2015-01-13 Simon Gerbergem5: fixed booting non-bsp cores.
2015-01-13 Reto AchermannMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-01-12 Simon GerberAdded copy-on-write example program.
2015-01-12 Reto AchermannMerge commit '68aa7c3'
2014-12-18 Gerd Zellweger[clang] Fixes for the clang compiler.
2014-12-16 Reto Achermannfixed interface change in numatest
2014-12-16 Reto AchermannSKB queries to get topology information if affinities...
2014-12-16 Reto Achermannacpi: bugfix telling SKB the number is in hex
2014-12-15 Moritz HoffmannChange USB code to use barrelfish_usleep provided by...
2014-12-14 Reto AchermannSKB: Adding of new queries for obtaining NUMA info
2014-12-14 Reto AchermannMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into shoal
2014-12-13 Reto Achermannlibnuma: testdomain and partial implementation
2014-12-10 Reto Achermannupdated submodule revisions
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerFix the USB code that was destroying my shell.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerRemove unused variable warning on armv5.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerKaluga added stubs for gem5.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerAdded binary perfix for corectrl.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure test programs compile again.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure test programs compile again.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerRemove unused code.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerAdd BF_BINARY_PREFIX define to configure binary path...
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerFix syntax error in Hakefile.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerCompile bfscope for armv5 and exvlude bench for armv5.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerRCCE make sure it compiles again.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure replay/slave.c compiles again.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerSome armv5 related fixes.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure fat_test compiles on x86_64.
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure thc-binding.c compiles (proper C application...
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerMake sure usb libraries compile for x86_64
2014-12-10 Gerd ZellwegerRemove memsweep.c, file is not needed.
2014-12-09 Reto Achermannupdated submodules
2014-12-08 Simon GerberAdded missing include for assert() in eclipse lex.c.
2014-12-08 Simon GerberFixed potential NULL deref in eclipse lexer.
2014-12-08 Stefan KaestleFixed submodule revisions
2014-12-07 Reto Achermannadapted luatest for new includes
2014-12-07 Gerd ZellwegerTest program for lua interpreter.
2014-12-05 Gerd ZellwegerCleaning up the fish mess.
2014-12-05 Simon Gerbermonitor: Return sensible #monitors online on octopus...
2014-12-05 Gerd ZellwegerAdd regex parsing for skb_simple get_names call.
2014-12-05 Simon GerberAdded missing code to bind to octopus in monitor.
2014-12-05 Reto AchermannMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into shoal
2014-12-04 Simon GerberFixed bogus return value in num_monitors_online() and...
2014-12-04 Simon GerberFixed libbarrelfish spawn_client() and fish_arm to...
2014-12-03 Simon GerberMerge branch 'master' into distops
2014-12-03 Simon GerberAdded deferred-event based monitor heartbeat.
2014-12-03 Simon GerberAdded park/unpark operations in corectrl to not have...
2014-12-01 Reto Achermannmoved inclusion of if/dma_def.h out of public header
2014-12-01 Reto Achermannadded a simple check for C++ exceptions
2014-11-28 Simon Gerbercapsend broadcast: can now remember set of destination...
2014-11-28 Gerd ZellwegerCaching the kernel and monitor binary on booting cores.
2014-11-28 Simon GerberCatch broadcast targets that are not ready for distops...
2014-11-28 Simon GerberFixed double-init of delete stepping machinery.
2014-11-28 Simon GerberAdded missing flounder bindings to octopus in monitor.
2014-11-28 Reto Achermannremoved waitfor all_spawnd_up in xeon phi driver
2014-11-28 Reto Achermannadding of corecount to corectrl to support starting...
2014-11-28 Reto Achermanncoreboot on the Xeon Phi:
2014-11-28 Reto Achermanndisabled the lock on the Xeon Phi as it is not needed...
2014-11-28 Reto Achermannadding of Xeon Phi code to map the MMIO range during...
2014-11-28 Reto Achermannreverted to disabled coreboot debug.
2014-11-27 Reto Achermannbugfix: argc count for the CPU parameter was not increa...
2014-11-27 Timothy RoscoeEnsure all Mackerel files are included explicitly from...
2014-11-27 Reto Achermannbugfix: argc count for the CPU parameter was not increa...
2014-11-27 Reto Achermannmoved spawn flags into spawndomain.h