Sockeye: Add stub for net builder
[barrelfish] / usr /
2017-06-26 Daniel SchwynBackport OMAP44xx spec changes from page-tables branch
2017-06-19 Daniel SchwynSKB: Refactor decodingNet modules
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRemove naive decoding net implementation
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRefactor decoding net skb programs
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd device name finder query
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynUse device type for device frame query
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynUse node type for shared memory query
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd types to node
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynIntegrate sockeye with hake
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/skate' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMove Prolog predicates to usr/skb/programs
2017-06-13 Reto AchermannMerge branch 'skate'
2017-06-07 Adam Turowskidevif: e1000 backend initial version
2017-06-06 Adam Turowskipci library: adding a user state pointer
2017-06-02 Simon Gerbertests: fix skb cap storage test to use %PRIuGENPADDR...
2017-06-02 Simon Gerberdoc: tn13: update capability type section
2017-06-02 Simon Gerbertests: update L1/L2 CNode creation tests and add harnes...
2017-06-02 Simon Gerberarmv8: kaluga: remove early oct_set("all_spawnds_up")
2017-06-01 Adam TurowskiRemoving Windows newlines.
2017-06-01 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'lwip-next': new lwip-2 network stack
2017-05-15 Gerd ZellwegerAdded template for driver domain and driver module.
2017-05-05 Simon Gerberharness: tftp test: actually check that we got the... release2017-05-05
2017-05-05 Moritz Hoffmannlib/gmp: Remove from tree
2017-05-05 Reto Achermanndatagatherer: remove generated dependeicy
2017-05-05 Reto Achermannremoving references to old lib machinemodel
2017-05-05 Roni Häckiharness: fixed tfpt test
2017-05-03 Gerd ZellwegerRemoved if/octopus_defs.h from public header file.
2017-05-02 Simon Gerbercapops: add some more DEBUG_CAPOPS in delete code
2017-05-02 Simon GerberT245: capops: fix distributed delete
2017-05-02 Roni Häckidevq: changed debugging queue test
2017-04-28 Roni Häckidevq: test for debugging backend
2017-04-21 Roni Häckie10k: legacy interrupts working with new network stack
2017-04-21 Gerd ZellwegerFix some dependency that fail the build.
2017-04-21 Roni Häckiskb: revert core hint of drivers to core 0
2017-04-21 Roni Häckisolarflare: fixed polling mode to not raise additional...
2017-04-20 Roni Häckisolarflare: call networking_poll in polling mode
2017-04-20 Gerd ZellwegerAdded a test to check the SKB capability storage functi...
2017-04-20 Roni Häckie10k: fixed adding filter bug
2017-04-20 Roni Häckie10k: driver working using legacy descriptors
2017-04-20 Reto Achermanne1000: adding octopus flounder defs to fix dependency...
2017-04-18 Roni Häckinetlib: integrated e10k device queue including hardware...
2017-04-13 Reto AchermannACPI: towards handling all MADT table entries
2017-04-12 Roni Häckinetlib: better integration of harware filtering
2017-04-11 Roni Häckisolarflare: removed old management interface code
2017-04-11 Roni Häckisolarflare: init queue 0 in driver
2017-04-11 Reto Achermannsfn5122f: fixing compilation after merge
2017-04-11 Reto Achermannsfn5122f: implement local rpc handlers
2017-04-10 Roni Häckisolaflare: driver removing old filter code
2017-04-10 Roni Häckilibnet: implemented adding/removing hardware filters...
2017-04-10 Reto Achermannsolarflare: only start if the supplied arguments are...
2017-04-10 Reto Achermanndevicedb: allowing multiple instances of SFN and e10k
2017-04-07 Reto Achermanne10k: adding e10k flounder defs to targets
2017-04-06 Reto AchermannMerge branch 'armv8-coreboot': final pieces for interru...
2017-04-06 Moritz HoffmannRemove as it is not being used...
2017-04-04 Reto AchermannMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into lwip-next
2017-04-03 Roni Häckisolaflare: driver bugfix
2017-03-30 Reto AchermannMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into lwip-next
2017-03-30 Roni Häckidevif: fixed solarflare test
2017-03-30 Roni Häckidevif: idc test fixed
2017-03-29 Roni Häckinetwork: removed hardcoded MAC address for solarflare...
2017-03-29 Roni Häckisolarflare: fixed hakefile
2017-03-29 Roni Häckisolarflare: changed card driver to start shared queue 0
2017-03-21 Roni Häckisolarflare: bugfix for using legacy interrupts
2017-03-20 Adam Turowskinetwork: replacing net_queue_manager with devif as...
2017-03-20 Roni Häckie10k: device_db file option fixed to allow legacy inter...
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannARMv8: setting stack limit when booting cores
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannARMv8/coreboot: enable sequential booting of cores
2017-03-16 Reto AchermannMerge branch 'armv8-coreboot': Adding coreboot support...
2017-03-15 Reto AchermannACPI: fixing table mapping code
2017-03-10 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding support for the parking protocol to coreboot
2017-03-10 Reto AchermannACPI: don't abort when buttons cannot be initialized
2017-03-09 Roni Häckinic_drivers: combined errors for NICs
2017-03-09 Reto AchermannACPI: removing unneeded print statements
2017-03-09 Reto AchermannACPI: enabling quirks for initialization
2017-03-09 Reto AchermannACPI: enable REDUCED_HARDWARE and MISALIGNMENT flags
2017-03-09 Reto AchermannSKB: adding ACPI quirks for ARMv8 platforms.
2017-03-08 Reto AchermannARMv8: build bootdriver and load boot+cpu driver in...
2017-03-08 Reto Achermannspawnd: don't spawn boot drivers
2017-03-08 Reto Achermannusb: write the right register for clearing OHCI hub...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannARMv8: having distinct entries for the different boot...
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannACPI: adding boot entry fact to the skb
2017-03-07 Reto AchermannSKB: adding boot entry facts for armv8 platforms
2017-03-07 Roni Häckidevq: cleanup of error messages
2017-03-06 Roni Häckidevq: changed meaning of valid_data offset
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: use ipi_cap invocation for coreboot.
2017-03-06 Reto Achermannmonitor: rename aarch64 -> armv8
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARM: move the *_map.h files into /include/maps/
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: coreboot allocates memory depending on monitor...
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannCoredata: making archid to be of type hwid_t
2017-03-06 Reto AchermannARMv8: working implementation of coreboot
2017-03-04 Reto AchermannARMv8: setting new kernel stack properly in coredata
2017-03-04 Reto AchermannARMv8: adding debug syscall to get coreboot test working
2017-03-04 Reto Achermanncoreboot: don't take address of pointer when reading...
2017-03-04 Reto Achermanncoreboot: restore the debug print state
2017-03-04 Reto Achermanncoreboot: reaming apic_id to hw_id
2017-03-03 Reto Achermanncoreboot: prepare new cpudriver on armv8 and use of...
2017-03-03 Reto Achermannacpi: using arm mpdir for hwid
2017-03-03 Adam Turowskinetwork,port manager: turning messages into rpcs