Removing unused declarations
[barrelfish] / usr /
2017-10-02 Reto Achermannremove unsave uses of __builtin_return_address()
2017-09-29 Roni Häckiproc_mgmt: Hake file simplified
2017-09-29 Roni Häckiproc_mgmt: adding tests
2017-09-26 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/master...
2017-09-26 Roni Häckie10k: added missing dependency
2017-09-26 Simon GerberMerge Razvan's process management code.
2017-09-25 Daniel SchwynDecoding net: Fail on region resolution with non contiu...
2017-09-21 Daniel SchwynDecoding net: Cleanup core module
2017-09-18 Roni Häckikaluga: starting net_socket server for each of the...
2017-09-18 Roni Häckinet_sockets: change service so it can be used for all...
2017-09-18 Roni Häckie10k/solarflare: no longer start network stack for...
2017-09-15 Daniel SchwynDecoding net: Refactor
2017-09-14 Daniel SchwynProlog code style fixes
2017-09-12 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-09-11 Daniel SchwynSKB: Adapt decoding net scripts to use struct notation
2017-09-07 Daniel SchwynKaluga: Fix bug with new driver model code
2017-09-06 Roni Häckiwebserver: check error when initalizing net_sockets...
2017-09-01 Roni Häckikaluga: waiting for all spawnds to be up before startin...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiTidy up the process management test.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiClean up and document the process management code.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiChange 'exit' from RPC to message in if/proc_mgmt.if.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiPreallocate an L2 cnode and fill it with domain caps...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiDIRTY benchmark commit
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiChange proc_mgmt/pending_clients.h to use reply queues...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiAdd extra layer of queuing above the Flounder UMP one.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiRemove the mutex-based event queuing in the process...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiFix a bug where pending cleanup clients wouldn't be...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiAdd per-spawnd message queues to the process manager.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiBreak the spawnd kill API into kill + cleanup.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiHave the spawn interface for the process manager requir...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiImplement "wait" in the process manager + fix bug in...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiImplement kill() and exit() in the process manager.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiImplement kill_request_handler in spawnd, using domain...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiAdd spawn, spawn_with_caps and span calls to the Proces...
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiCreate "ProcessManager" and "Domain" capabilities.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiRefactor process manager to enable spawnd discovery.
2017-08-31 Razvan DamachiFirst outline of a process management service server.
2017-08-30 Roni Häckidevif: added dst MAC lookup to UDP queue init
2017-08-29 Simon Gerbervmkitmon/arrakismon: do not include sys/param.h
2017-08-29 Roni Häckidevif: fixed some printfs that seem to cause compilatio...
2017-08-29 Simon Gerberomap44xx: sdma: remove redundant redefinitions of MIN()
2017-08-29 Simon GerberUse min/max macros from bitmacros.h instead of includin...
2017-08-29 Simon Gerbermonitor: capops: move: reformat some function definitions
2017-08-29 Simon Gerbermonitor: capops: copy: add DEBUG_CAPOPS and clearer...
2017-08-29 Simon Gerbermonitor: capops: copy: properly zero copy state structs...
2017-08-29 Simon Gerbermonitor: capops: ownership xfer, delete, retype, revoke...
2017-08-29 Simon GerberFix various memory leaks and uninitialized variable...
2017-08-28 Roni Häckidevif: networking backends to destroy called from queue...
2017-08-28 Roni Häckidevif: debug fixed case when IDC backend us used
2017-08-25 Roni Häckidevif: added uncommited files
2017-08-24 Roni Häckidevif: udp queue simplified creation
2017-08-24 Roni Häckidevif: added benchmarking code to test overhead of...
2017-08-16 Roni Häckidevif: adding test for udp queue
2017-08-08 Roni Häckidevif: devif test disable debugging output
2017-08-07 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Generate addresses with ISO hex prefix
2017-08-07 Roni Häckie10k: added missing dependency
2017-08-04 Roni Häckisolarflare: conversion of IP for filter no longer required
2017-08-04 Roni Häckiharness: fixing devif test
2017-08-02 Roni Häckidevif: devif_debug test fixed
2017-07-25 Reto Achermannarmv8: do not set all_spawnds_up by default on ARMv8
2017-07-24 Reto Achermannarmv8: fix compilation for lrpc benchmark
2017-07-24 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannxeon_phi: fix compilation with full debug enabled
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannsolarflare: adding missing flounder defs to hakefile
2017-07-23 Reto Achermannoctopus: remove include to flounder file in public...
2017-07-19 Daniel SchwynDecodingNet: Adapt resolution and queries to nodes...
2017-07-17 Daniel SchwynSockeye: Represent NodeId as name + namespace list...
2017-07-14 Adam Turowskinet: adding a loopback interface
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'bsdlibc'
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiRemoving ssh
2017-07-11 Adam TurowskiFixing compilation issues on x86_64 and armv8
2017-07-11 Adam Turowskinet: adding command-line IP configuration options
2017-07-10 Adam Turowskinet_sockets: some TCP fixups
2017-07-07 Gerd ZellwegerChange the pandaboard drivers to new driver format.
2017-07-06 Adam Turowskitftpclient: converting to net sockets
2017-07-04 Adam Turowskinet: enabling DHCP
2017-07-03 Adam Turowskinet_sockets: e1000 server
2017-07-03 Adam Turowskinet: converting lwip types to bsd types
2017-07-03 Adam Turowskinet_sockets: converting nfs
2017-07-03 Gerd ZellwegerKaluga modifications to start domain.
2017-06-30 Adam Turowskik1om: some fix-ups
2017-06-27 Gerd ZellwegerCommit SDMA driver changes.
2017-06-26 Daniel SchwynBackport OMAP44xx spec changes from page-tables branch
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskidevif_test: fixing e10k queue constructor call
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskirpc_cap_test: adding missing include
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskilibc: removing newlib, adding BSD libc
2017-06-22 Adam Turowskiskb: switching from dlmalloc to libc malloc
2017-06-19 Gerd ZellwegerFix dependencies for mmchs driver.
2017-06-19 Daniel SchwynSKB: Refactor decodingNet modules
2017-06-15 Gerd ZellwegerConvert mmchs to new driver interface.
2017-06-14 Gerd ZellwegerPass cap correct in driver domain to fdif instance.
2017-06-14 Gerd ZellwegerCheck-in older changes from FDIF conversion.
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRemove naive decoding net implementation
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynRefactor decoding net skb programs
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynAdd device name finder query
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynUse device type for device frame query
2017-06-13 Daniel SchwynUse node type for shared memory query