2017-01-25 Roni Häckipci_client: do not set up interrupt routing when pci_re...
2017-01-25 Roni Häckiskb: adding e10k to device db
2017-01-25 Adam Turowskinet: adding another missing dependency
2017-01-25 Adam Turowskinet: adding missing dependency
2017-01-24 Adam Turowskinet: splitting contmng and netbench libraries, simplyfi...
2017-01-20 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: solarflare: alloc slot on cap receive
2017-01-20 Adam Turowskiint_route: simplifying some memory allocations
2017-01-20 Adam Turowskikaluga: adding missing LFs to printfs
2017-01-20 Roni Häckiharness: ahci: adapted numbers for babybel3 and tolerat...
2017-01-19 Adam Turowskinetd: moving to a library
2017-01-18 Roni Häckihake: added hint if make install is used instead of...
2017-01-18 Roni HäckiAHCI test updated performance numbers
2017-01-17 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: towards MSIX support for solarflare card
2017-01-17 Simon Gerberharness: pandaboard: cleanup compiler-rt tests
2017-01-17 Roni HäckiSolarflare driver some cleanup
2017-01-16 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: changed tests
2017-01-16 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: small changes to solarflare backend
2017-01-16 Roni HäckiAHCI test make sure all monitors are up
2017-01-16 Adam Turowskilrpc_fpu,harness: adding a test
2017-01-16 Adam Turowskifpu context switching for x86_64: the patch by Andrei...
2017-01-16 Roni HäckiAHCI test increased performance passing percentage
2017-01-13 Roni HäckiAdded test for queue interface
2017-01-13 Roni Häckiahci: device queue implemented
2017-01-13 Roni HäckiDeviceQueue: bugfix when keeping track ob buffers
2017-01-11 Roni Häckikaluga: assertion fixed
2017-01-05 Adam Turowskimultihop,flounder: reverting a change
2017-01-04 Adam Turowskitests: fixing ump tests (2)
2017-01-04 Adam Turowskitests: fixing ump tests
2017-01-04 Adam Turowskiharness: removing a message size limit in a multithread...
2017-01-04 Adam Turowskiump,flounder: moving a flow control from a flounder...
2017-01-03 Moritz Hoffmanndoc/hake: Update doc to reflect recent changes
2017-01-03 Moritz Hoffmanndoc/mackerel: Update doc to describe registerwise addre...
2016-12-29 Adam Turowskiwaitset: fixing a clearing of a chanstate trigger
2016-12-28 Adam Turowskiflounder,waitsets: adding chanstate dependency in order...
2016-12-23 Lukas HumbelIRQ: Bugfix for gruyere timer test
2016-12-23 Adam Turowskiflounder: removing an unnecessary free from Multihop
2016-12-23 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Re-create Doxygen target release2016-12-23
2016-12-23 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/plat_apm88xxxx: Correct gic_cpu_interface_enable...
2016-12-23 Moritz Hoffmanntools/, docs: Allow Latex files to use...
2016-12-22 Simon Gerberharness: armv8 efi machine: fix boot module list extraction
2016-12-22 Simon GerberMerge GitHub PR#3.
2016-12-22 Simon Gerberharness: Remove old pandaboard buildall harness test
2016-12-22 Simon Gerberlibbarrelfish: memobj_anon: fix vregion slab refilling
2016-12-21 Kosyrev Sergenix | testing: add pythonPackages.pyexpect
2016-12-21 Adam Turowskilinenoise,fish: failsafe if a terminal width detection...
2016-12-21 Adam Turowskiidctest: increasing a waiting time
2016-12-21 Roni HäckiAHCI always failing assertion removed
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergehake: /bin/sh portability fixes
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergebuild | curl: do not verify certificates for the GMP...
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergenix: add cpio, qemu and gdb, to finalize the environme...
2016-12-20 Kosyrev /bin/sh portability fixes
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergeqemu-wrapper: use a portable signal specification...
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergeqemu-wrapper: /bin/sh fixes
2016-12-20 Kosyrev switch to /bin/sh
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergehake: do not call 'echo' by absolute path
2016-12-20 Kosyrev switch to /bin/sh
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergegmp: avoid using absolute paths except /bin/sh
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergeelver: provide __stack_chk_fail (fixes build)
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergekernel: provide __stack_chk_fail (fixes build)
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergenewlib | barrelfish: provide __stack_chk_fail (fixes...
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergebuild: Nix environment
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergehake: now buildable with ghc8
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergehake: GHC.Paths.libdir can be unreliable: use 'ghc...
2016-12-20 Kosyrev Sergegit: ignore more editor temporary files
2016-12-20 Kosyrev use /bin/sh
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannharness: Allow the same module to be listed several...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannschedsim: Re-create targets originally found in symboli...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Use INSTALL_PREFIX variable for install targets
2016-12-20 Moritz HoffmannRevert "hake: Introduce dist_dir, a directory where...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake/armv7: Force static linking of binaries
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Provide legacy target `install' for scalebench
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Let help-* targets depend on their header rule
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Remove rule for target hake/menu.lst
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Generate help, help-platforms-header and help...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Do not include
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Generate clean targets from Hake
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: GHC output dir evaluated to /, corrected
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Generate install_$PLAT targets
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Prevent certain path to be reduced to an empty...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Introduce dist_dir, a directory where the install...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Install required Hake source files to install...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmanninstall_headers: Create Hakefile for newlib libc/include
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmanninstall_headers: Update Hakefile for /include
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake/ Move MAKEFLAGS and ruls for...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Make bin/lib directories configurable.
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: symbolic_targets is in hake/ instead of root...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannsymbolic_targets: remove install_headers rule
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: includeFile exports install_headers target
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Generate Phony targets only for allowed architectures
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Avoid prepending path with ./
2016-12-20 Moritz HoffmannRevert "hake: Generate $arch_All target that compiles...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Scan . directory for Hake files
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Add BFSrcTree tree type
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/armv8: Add RAM::frameIdentify invocation impleme...
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel: cpu_a57v depends on gic_v3
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmanndevices/giv_v3: Bug fixes
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmanndevices/gic_v3: Initial device decscription
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel: Do not trigger breakpoint on kernel panic
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/armv8: Remove debug leftovers from timers
2016-12-20 Moritz Hoffmannkernel/armv8: Move GIC initialization to platform-speci...