2015-06-19 Reto Achermannlibbarrelfish: merging arch specific hearders for k1om...
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannhake: adding missing include path to the k1om kernel
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannkernel: removing duplicated headers for k1om
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannk1om: aliasing rdtscp with rdtsc
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannlibconcurrent: add include file to stddbool into header.
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannasmoffests: merging x86_64 and k1om preprocessor directives
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannweever: adding x86_64 includes to the hake file
2015-06-19 Reto Achermanntestconcurrent: reordering includes
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannk1om: re-adding architecture dependent asm_inlines...
2015-06-19 Reto Achermannhake: switching include paths and adding additional...
2015-06-19 Reto AchermannXeon Phi: Removing duplicated headers
2015-06-17 Moritz HoffmannT123: kernel: remove scc-specific code from x86_32... release2015-06-18
2015-06-17 Moritz HoffmannT121: kernel: fix BSP KCB creation on x86_32 and armv5
2015-06-17 Moritz HoffmannT121: kernel: Make BSP KCB a proper capability on ARM
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT121: kernel: Add missing include
2015-06-16 Moritz Hoffmannkernel: Remove references arch_init to bspkcb which...
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: kernel: Implement cap invocation for arm, x86_32
2015-06-16 Moritz Hoffmanntrace: Consistent includes across all platforms
2015-06-16 Moritz Hoffmannkernel: fix object creation for KCB on arm, x86_32
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: kernel, spawn, libbarrelfish, fish: Remove DEBUG_...
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: kernel, spawnd, fish: Use dispatcher invocations...
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: kernel: Unify debug_print_capabilities in sys_debug.c
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT118: libbarrelfish: Refactor architecture specific...
2015-06-16 Simon GerberT119: add case when we find init rootcn in KCB.
2015-06-16 Simon Gerberkernel: fix object creation for KCB.
2015-06-16 Simon GerberT121: Create "real" BSP KCB cap for x86.
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: work in progress, use mdb tree call-back function...
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannT119: implement syscall and monitor interface to debug_...
2015-06-16 Moritz HoffmannCloses T118: libbarrelfish: Extract common syscalls...
2015-06-16 Reto Achermannlibnuma: implementing missing allocation functions...
2015-06-16 Reto Achermannlibbomp: match the new bitmap interface for prev/next...
2015-06-16 Reto Achermannlibbitmap: changing semantics of bitmap_bit_{prev|next}
2015-06-16 Reto Achermannmemobj: adding missing implementation of unfill for...
2015-06-15 Moritz HoffmannFixes T120: mdb: Add mdb tree traversal functions.
2015-06-15 Reto AchermannAdding missing THC dependencies in Hakefile of Xeon...
2015-06-11 Simon Gerberx86: implement modify flags for x86_32 and improve...
2015-06-11 Simon Gerbercpuid device definitions: remove utf-8 registered symbols.
2015-06-11 Moritz Hoffmannshortcut in protect for single page operations
2015-06-11 Moritz Hoffmannmemobj_anon, protect: use vregion_base and _off correctly
2015-06-11 Moritz HoffmannFix implementation of memobj_anon protect.
2015-06-11 Simon Gerberkernel: x86_64: fixed error handling in modify_flags.
2015-06-11 Simon GerberT77: Implement selective TLB flushing hint for modify_f...
2015-06-11 Simon GerberT73: fix modify_flags for parts of region + test.
2015-06-11 Reto Achermannadding support for modify flags on large/huge pages
2015-06-10 Reto Achermann[T115] making SKB CPU facts consistent beginning with...
2015-06-10 Reto Achermannnumatest: adding +1 to print the correct values
2015-06-10 Reto Achermann[T115] make data gatherer use of libcpuid
2015-06-10 Reto Achermann[T115] extending support for cpuid instruction
2015-06-04 Reto Achermannskb: adding query for locality information release2015-06-09
2015-06-04 Reto Achermannlibnuma: adding support for locality information and...
2015-06-04 Reto AchermannACPI: Adding support to parse the locality tables
2015-06-03 Simon Gerberarm: unify arm.h header for all arm 32bit flavours.
2015-06-03 Simon Gerbernewlib: T110: fix libc Hakefile to prefer machine-speci...
2015-06-01 Simon Gerberarmv5: improved page table dumping.
2015-06-01 Simon Gerber32bit: fixup printf format specifiers.
2015-06-01 Simon Gerbernewlib: fixup missing bits + make compile for 32bit.
2015-06-01 Simon Gerbernewlib: fixup patch for new newlib version and adjust...
2015-06-01 Simon Gerberremove old newlib.
2015-06-01 Simon GerberReintegrate newlib 1.19.0 modifications for Barrelfish.
2015-06-01 Simon GerberMerge tag 'newlib-snapshot-20150423' from git://sourcew...
2015-06-01 Simon GerberSquashed 'lib/newlib/' content from commit a4e9d13
2015-06-01 Simon Gerberrename newlib{,-1.19.0}.
2015-05-26 Simon Gerberkernel: T78: add notice about bug report on failure.
2015-05-22 Simon Gerberlibvirtio: Fix error check in virtio_vq_host_poll(). release2015-05-22
2015-05-22 Simon GerberUpdate AUTHORS file according to commit authors.
2015-05-22 Reto Achermannusb: adding the correct offset to the interrupt table...
2015-05-19 Reto Achermannlibdma: enabling msix support for IOAT. [Closes T101]
2015-05-19 Gerd ZellwegerMake httpperf use emmentaler machines.
2015-05-19 Gerd ZellwegerFix qemu 32-bit names to make it consistent with others.
2015-05-18 Gerd ZellwegerFix hakefile.
2015-05-18 Gerd Zellweger[T96, T88] Added initial pthreads join test program.
2015-05-18 Gerd ZellwegerRevert b51b15e e7b3175. Closes T88 T96.
2015-05-11 Simon GerberFix b51b15e: re-disable dispatcher in thread_mutex_lock...
2015-05-11 Simon GerberChange default page size for morecore back to 4kB.
2015-05-07 Simon Gerberlibbarrelfish: vspace_mmu_aware: fix frame_alloc()...
2015-05-06 Simon Gerbermultihop: fix cap ownership tranfer over multihop channel.
2015-05-06 Simon Gerberdistops: fix typos and small bugs in delete state machine.
2015-05-05 Simon Gerberharness: Add babybel4 to eth machines.
2015-05-05 Gerd ZellwegerFix size of argument buffer.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberarmv7: fix #ifdef in paging_tlb_flush_range().
2015-05-04 Gerd ZellwegerMake SKB behaviour more robust in case of overflow.
2015-05-04 Reto AchermannHanding over alignment paramenter of morecore when...
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberx86_32: only allow larger page sizes for morecore when...
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberarmv5: make cpu driver run again.
2015-05-04 yauhenkFix Null pointer dereference in the spawnd daemon.
2015-05-04 yauhenkBuild order fix
2015-05-04 Simon GerberFix large page code so it compiles on 32bit / ARM.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberlibbarrelfish: fix morecore heap with 1GB pages.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberMerge large page support code.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberx86_64: kernel: cleanup of page table dumping.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerbermmu aware vspace: added sane fallback for basecn alloca...
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberx86_64: cleaned up large page code.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberlarge page test: improvements in output.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberx86: pmap: Added debug output to has_vnode.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberClarified printfs in large page test.
2015-05-04 Simon Gerberlibbarrelfish: Refactored onthread init slightly.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberAdded test case to inspect processed argc/argv after...
2015-05-04 Simon GerberAdded command line arg for overriding default heap...
2015-05-04 Simon GerberAdded Config.hs flag for morecore pagesize.
2015-05-04 Simon GerberFixed morecore_reinit() to properly not remap when...