2019-11-22 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Improve readability of register restoration...
2019-11-22 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Fix abort when disabled handling
2019-11-22 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Pass correct page fault cause
2019-11-22 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Fix modify paging flags
2019-11-22 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Support no access page mappings
2019-11-22 Daniel Schwynproc_mgmt: Fix race condition
2019-11-19 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Add domains to harness
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv7: Fix for kaluga changes
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv8: Cleanup kernel messages
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Enable cores 3 and 4
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Boot second core
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv8: increase kcb size to accomodate vector table
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv8: fix compilation on other platforms
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv8: remove kernel printfs
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv8: implement user space irq routing + lpuart interrupt
2019-11-18 Lukas Humbelarmv8: Port irq cap invocations
2019-11-08 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Remove hacks from serial_lpuart driver
2019-11-08 Lukas Humbelarmv8: Implement wait_for_interrupt
2019-11-08 Lukas Humbelarmv8: fix duplicate platform_get_timer_interrupt
2019-11-08 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Fixup serial driver
2019-11-08 Lukas Humbelhpet: fix dependencies
2019-11-07 Reto Achermannclang-format: reduce penalty for excess characters
2019-11-07 Reto Achermannclang-format: tweak penalty when assignment gets broken...
2019-11-07 Reto Achermannclant-format; allow two empty lines
2019-11-07 Reto Achermanntweaks to clang-format
2019-11-07 Reto Achermannupdating .clang-format file
2019-11-07 Reto Achermannadding clang-format spec
2019-11-07 Aya Kayal serial lpuart driver (reading characters and sending...
2019-11-07 Aya Kayalreading characters from lpuart
2019-11-07 Lukas Humbelarmv8: Start with all interrupts disabled
2019-11-07 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Hack kaluga to pass startup, and add startd
2019-10-25 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Add rack mounted colibris to harness
2019-10-23 Lukas Humbelharness: add imx8x_local machine and some start for...
2019-10-18 Lukas Humbelarmv7: To support domain spanning, use different vregio...
2019-10-17 Lukas Humbelupdate copyright notice
2019-10-16 Lukas Humbelimx8x: Add boot target
2019-10-16 Lukas Humbelimx8x: add some more modules in menu.lst
2019-10-08 Daniel Schwynimx8x: Fix lpuart Mackerel file
2019-10-08 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Stop debugging imx8x in boot driver
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynImprove lpuart kernel driver
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynFix platform support for imx8x
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynGet rid of serial driver assembly in boot_entry
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynStrip down imx8x image to boot/CPU driver for now
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynAdd serial support for imx8x in boot driver
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynAdd imx8x platform
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynAdd lpuart kernel driver
2019-10-08 Daniel SchwynUpdate Hagfish to latest version
2019-10-07 Roni Häckikaluga: fixing mlx4 driver starting
2019-10-07 Roni Häckinet_socket_server: fixing part so that mlx4 works again
2019-10-07 Roni Häckilibnet: fix empty string test
2019-10-02 Lukas Humbelpmap: Fix lookup function and add test for it
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Disable debug prints in boot driver
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Only 3G RAM for U-Boot on QEMU
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Fix include paths in EFI loader
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Fix module relocation for static EFI images
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: existing image blob is cleared
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: EFI loader sets correct memory attributes
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: EFI loader now builds fresh kernel page tables
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Refactor EFI loader
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Fix booting from U-Boot
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Add debug output for boot driver on QEMU
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Start cleaning up static EFI bootloader
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Don't overwrite core data passed by bootloader
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Kernel expects core data also on BSP
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Improve handling of multiboot info
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Remove Grub artefact from multiboot2 header
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Fix naming of multiboot functions
2019-09-27 Daniel Schwynarmv8: Fix dependencies for building images
2019-08-22 Reto Achermannlibcxx: list the source files explicitly
2019-08-22 Reto Achermannlibthc: adding back removed _thc_schedulecont assembly...
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannarmv7: fix compilation of the ARMV7_All target
2019-08-20 Reto AchermannHakefiles: remove x86_32 from architectures
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannfix uses of cycles_t throughout the tree
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibcompiler-rt: adding missing files to the arm target
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannarm: fix signed/unsigned compare in header
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannhake: remove x86_32 architecture
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibcompiler-rt: fix compilation for armv7
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannarmv8: fix signed / unsigned comparison warning
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibcxx: enable tests for armv8
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibc:adding missing definitions to nl_types.h
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibcxx: update to support armv8
2019-08-20 Reto Achermanncxx: adding tests for libunwind
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibc: adding missing _setjmp.S to armv8 sources
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannarmv8: make all defined target compile (ARMV8_All)
2019-08-20 Reto Achermanndrivers/uhci: remove not-implemented UHCI driver
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibcompiler-rt: update to newest version from github...
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannhake: adding cpudrivers to the _All target
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannlibcxx: ubdate libunwind
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannx86_64: make all targets compile
2019-08-20 Reto Achermanndrivesr/virtio: remove empty files
2019-08-20 Reto Achermannskb: remove test apps as they don't really test the SKB
2019-07-31 Aya Kayalarmv8: Fix idcap_identify syscall
2019-07-31 Reto Achermanntests/skb_cap_storage: workaround to get it to work...
2019-07-31 Reto Achermanntest/mtwaitset: disable local core spawning on arm...
2019-07-31 Reto Achermanntest/lrpc_fpu: make it compile for armv7 and armv8
2019-07-31 Reto Achermannarmv8: actually pass the faulting address
2019-07-30 Reto Achermannqemu: enable KVM for x86_64 platforms
2019-07-22 Reto Achermanntests/devif: don't test networking for armv7
2019-07-22 Reto Achermannarmv8: enable compilations of various network drivers
2019-07-22 Reto Achermannlib/devif: use barrier definitions from barrelfish...