2016-09-19 Adam TurowskiAdding some initializations
2016-09-15 Adam Turowskiflounder: checking if LMP receive function can actually...
2016-09-05 Adam Turowskikaluga: removing free call of not malloced region
2016-09-05 Adam Turowskimalloc: extra information about the function that attem...
2016-09-05 Adam Turowskiharness: adding multithreaded waitset test
2016-09-02 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-09-02 Adam Turowskimonitor: fixing reordering of LMP messages during UMP...
2016-09-02 David CockMerge branch 'arm_coreboot'
2016-09-02 David CockARMv7: Don't spawn cores on Zynq7000 - it's broken.
2016-09-02 Lukas HumbelRPC cap test: more output
2016-09-02 David CockARMv7: Don't autoboot cores on big.LITTLE - it's broken...
2016-09-02 Lukas HumbelExtended RPC+cap test
2016-09-02 David CockARMv7: bit.LITTLE boot target
2016-09-02 David CockARMv7: Identify A5 on boot.
2016-09-02 David CockARMv7: FVP_A5x1 (A9 image) & FVP_A7x1 (A15 image).
2016-09-02 David CockARMv7: DS-5 script for A15 FVP.
2016-09-02 David CockARMv7: FVP A15 starts in secure mode, so use the right...
2016-09-01 David CockARMv7: A15/A17 FVPs. Don't quite work yet.
2016-09-01 David CockARMv7: Added new FVP boot targets.
2016-09-01 David CockARMv7: Added coreboot for Zynq7000 - doesn't work yet.
2016-09-01 Lukas HumbelHarness: Disable read after finish as it breaks some...
2016-09-01 Lukas HumbelHarness: Flush console after test has finished
2016-09-01 Adam Turowskiflounder: removing monitor header file dependency from UMP
2016-08-31 David CockARMv7: 4 core A15 in QEMU
2016-08-31 David CockARMv7: Single-core A15 now uses SKB
2016-08-31 David CockARMv7: Renamed SKB files to remove FVP reference.
2016-08-31 David CockARMv7: Coreboot paramaters through the SKB
2016-08-31 Lukas HumbelRevert changes to test.if to make everything compile...
2016-08-31 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-08-31 Adam Turowskimt-waitset: fixing the token generator which under...
2016-08-31 Adam Turowskimt-waitset,flounder: not perfect fix of the cap transfe...
2016-08-31 Lukas HumbelAdded idc test to harness
2016-08-30 David CockARMv7: Removed unused dependences from CPU drivers.
2016-08-30 David CockARMv7: Boot all cores on the Pandaboard
2016-08-30 David CockARMv7: Set all mappings to inner-shareable.
2016-08-30 David CockARMv7: Updated pandaboard debug scripts
2016-08-30 David CockMerge branch 'master' into arm_coreboot
2016-08-30 David CockARMv7: Manual coreboot works on Pandaboard
2016-08-30 Adam Turowskimt-waitset,flounder: adding mutexes to LMP
2016-08-29 David CockARMv7: Factored boot protocol out of plat_vexpress
2016-08-29 Lukas HumbelMake sure network domains are started by Kaluga.
2016-08-29 David CockARMv7: All cores now come up on boot.
2016-08-29 Lukas HumbelFix webserver test by putting everything on core 0
2016-08-29 Lukas HumbelHarness: Don't fail on utf-8 encoding
2016-08-29 Lukas HumbelHarness: Fix panda_local machine
2016-08-29 Lukas HumbelAdd tests for cap transfer
2016-08-26 David CockARMv7: Add cpu_boot.S for A15
2016-08-26 Adam TurowskiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-08-26 David CockARMv7: Route IRQs to the CPU that enables them.
2016-08-26 Adam Turowskitests: multithreaded waitset test
2016-08-26 Simon Gerberharness: Fix git extra info for detached HEAD state
2016-08-26 Lukas HumbelHarness: Fix for tests without get_modules.
2016-08-26 David CockARM: Report number of SPIs correctly on boot.
2016-08-26 David Cockserial: retabbed serial_pl011.c
2016-08-26 David CockARMv7: Use bytes, not bits for URPC frame.
2016-08-25 David CockARMv7: Clone CPU driver cmdline correctly.
2016-08-25 Lukas HumbelHarness: Write menu.lst to output directory
2016-08-25 David CockARMv7: Disable all PC-relative data relocations.
2016-08-25 David CockARMv7: Zero CPU driver memory in coreboot
2016-08-25 Lukas HumbelScalebench: Add git metadata (rev/branch/patch) in...
2016-08-25 David CockARMv7: Include core ID in kernel messages.
2016-08-25 David CockARMv7: Always load SP via the GOT.
2016-08-25 Lukas HumbelKaluga x86 startup: Be tolerant when module is not...
2016-08-25 Lukas HumbelTrying to fix vmkit test.
2016-08-25 Lukas HumbelIRQ: Int route service: corrected use of continuations
2016-08-24 David CockARMv7: Pass the correct boot record address to the...
2016-08-24 David CockARMv7: Coreboot makes it inside the CPU driver.
2016-08-24 Lukas HumbelIRQ: Fix timer test. lpc_timer is now started by Kaluga
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: Handle assertion failure case for compiler...
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: webserver tests: let Kaluga start e1000n,...
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: start cleaning up default_bootmodules()
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: refactor qemu x86_64 machines to allow easy...
2016-08-23 Lukas HumbelT283: Device Ids for sbrinz1 added.
2016-08-23 Lukas HumbelMake irqtest more tolerant
2016-08-23 Lukas HumbelT283: Fix for irqtest on gruyere.
2016-08-23 Lukas HumbelKaluga: Print message for each driver startup
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: exit test on assertion failure
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: Add new build type "test" (no debug symbols...
2016-08-23 Simon Gerberharness: Fix PassFailMultiResult.reason and add summary...
2016-08-23 Lukas HumbelT283: Fix irqtest on tomme
2016-08-22 Lukas HumbelT282: Fix serial on sbrinz: IRQ now uses always coreid
2016-08-22 Lukas HumbelAdded comments in acpi_interrupts_arch.
2016-08-22 Simon Gerberoctopus: add octopus flounder interface to parser libra...
2016-08-22 Simon Gerberoctopus: Use flounder definitions to specify size of...
2016-08-22 Simon GerberMove canonical definitions of MIN/MAX macros to bitmacr...
2016-08-19 Simon Peterusbboot can now auto-detect revisions 1 to 3 of the...
2016-08-17 Reto Achermannhake: replacing tab with spaces to squash compiler...
2016-08-16 Simon Gerberweever: update flags for new k1om gcc
2016-08-16 Simon GerberK1OM toolchain update: harness: fix path for MPSS
2016-08-16 Simon GerberT258: refactor creation of new cspaces to make it cleaner
2016-08-16 Reto Achermannhake: replacing tabs with spaces in config template
2016-08-16 Reto AchermannK1OM: updating toolchain to MPSS SDK 3.7.1
2016-08-16 Reto Achermannhake: adding system compiler for k1om.
2016-08-16 Simon Gerberharness: output processing: handle cases where we do...
2016-08-16 Simon Gerberharness: retype_test: fix multicore retype test to...
2016-08-16 Simon Gerberacpi: osglue: implement AcpiOsStall() using barrelfish_...
2016-08-16 Simon Gerberharness: memtest_multicore: add a single multiboot...
2016-08-16 Simon Gerberskb interface: up size of run output string to 64kB
2016-08-16 Simon Gerberk1om: libbarrelfish: Fix disp_try_disable
2016-08-16 Simon GerberUpdate weever to build against newlib headers