2012-03-01 Stefan KästleCorrected include path for errno.h release2012-03-02
2012-03-01 Stefan KästleAdded missing include
2012-02-29 Simon GerberFixed pci to use PAGE_CNODE_BITS instead of 8 for size_...
2012-02-29 Simon GerberChanged caps_create_new for initial cnodes in kernel...
2012-02-26 Kornilios Kourtismontor: reclaim_memory(): protect against get_mem_clien...
2012-02-25 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: add support for long {long,double} in format...
2012-02-24 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: make it default and add oldc builds to harness
2012-02-24 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: build scc/arm/xscale
2012-02-24 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: use oldc malloc for newlib
2012-02-23 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: fix some warnings
2012-02-23 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: better arch-specific hake configuration
2012-02-23 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: use dlmalloc instead of newlib's malloc+sbrk
2012-02-22 Kornilios Kourtisrename freec to oldc
2012-02-22 Mark Nevillremove slow asserts from MDB. ARM tests pass.
2012-02-22 Kornilios Kourtismerge with main tree
2012-02-20 Kornilios Kourtismake freec the default libc, and create newlib harness...
2012-02-20 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,arm:_really_ make newlib compile for arm
2012-02-15 Kornilios Kourtismerge newlib
2012-02-15 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,arm: make arm compile with newlib
2012-02-09 Mark NevillFixed uninitialized argspg when spanning domains.
2012-02-08 Stefan KästleMerge
2012-02-08 Stefan Kästleadding a tag for release 2012-02-08
2012-02-08 Mark NevillMerged MDB rewrite.
2012-02-08 Mark NevillFixed warning on builds with -DNDEBUG.
2012-02-07 Mark NevillEmulate old (weird) MDB behaviour.
2012-02-06 Mark NevillFixed wrong size type in definition of mdb_find_range.
2012-02-06 Kornilios Kourtismerge release2012-02-08
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32: use PRI{u,x}32, PRI{u,x}PTR, etc in...
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32: use int32_t (and not int) for message...
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib/x86_32: add casting to skb calls in pci
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32: fix float.h for x86_32
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32,libnfs: s/xdr_uint32_t/xdr_u_int/ to...
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32,acpi: typedef acpi's UINT32 to uint32_t
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32,skb: make /usr/skb compile
2012-02-15 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib,x86_32: fix/add Hakefiles and misc changes
2012-02-05 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib/x86_32: change newlib's uintptr_t to unsigned...
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtischips/hashtable.c: zero initial entries
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: make assert use its argument, so that -DNDEBUG...
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisahci_dma_pool.c: add missing header
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtismerge newlib tree to current
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib: make use of VFS optional; remove posixcompat...
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisnewlib/stdio: define _WANT_IO_C99_FORMATS
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisupdate .hgignore
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisrestore some C flags from the newlib merge
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtisvfsfd: provide a thin library for unix-like system...
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtishake: add code for library dependencies
2012-02-03 Kornilios Kourtishake: make linking of libraries explicit again
2012-02-02 Mark NevillFixed tracing macros.
2012-02-02 Zeus Gómez... access the IOAPIC index register in 32-bit words
2012-02-01 Andrew Baumanndummy commit to test hg
2012-01-31 Stefan KästleMinor corrections to the SCC rule for make
2012-01-31 Adrian Schuepbachmerged changes
2012-01-31 Adrian Schuepbachimplemented local memory affinity function which return...
2012-01-30 Manuel StockerImplemented sane handling of BIOS-reported data in...
2012-01-30 Stefan Kästleadding a tag for release 2012-01-30
2012-01-29 pravin shindep... Reduced the RPC timeout period release2012-01-30
2012-01-27 Mark NevillUpdated parts of the cap TN, minor style changes.
2012-01-27 pravin shindep... Fixed the webserver freezing problem by using nonblocki...
2012-01-27 Mark NevillAdded and extended MDB code/API documentation.
2012-01-27 Mark NevillMake mdb_kernel lib build cap_predicates, link kernel...
2012-01-27 pravin shindep... Fixed the problem of netd crashing when ran from differ...
2012-01-26 Mark NevillPut tracing and invariant checks in PP blocks.
2012-01-26 Mark NevillFixed bug in set_cap_remote.
2012-01-25 Andrew Baumannfix heap memory reclamation bug which usually manifeste...
2012-01-25 Andrew Baumannump: fix possible corruption/deadlock sending zero...
2012-01-25 Mark NevillRemoved unnecessary includes and functions so libmdb...
2012-01-25 Mark NevillAdapt existing mdb functions in kernel to use new tree.
2012-01-25 Andrew Baumannmultihop: correctly NUL-terminate strings on delivery
2012-01-24 Andrew Baumannharness: report exceptions to the debug log as well...
2012-01-24 Mark NevillMerge branch 'newhamlet' into newmdb
2012-01-24 Mark NevillAdded barrelfish_kpi/capabilities.h to capbits.h for...
2012-01-24 Mark NevillFixed remaining uint8 core_id in FCNode definition.
2012-01-23 Andrew Baumannsimplify out-of-band cap transfer to avoid asynchronous...
2012-01-23 Andrew Baumannmerge
2012-01-23 Andrew Baumannremove support for Beehive
2012-01-23 Andrew BaumannARM fixes for spawnd
2012-01-23 Kornilios Kourtisrouting_setup: make obvious to the compiler that err...
2012-01-23 Mark NevillUpdated mdb_tree for new cap_predicates.
2012-01-23 Mark NevillMerge branch 'newhamlet' into newmdb
2012-01-23 Mark NevillAdded coreid type.
2012-01-20 Andrew Baumannimplement ump_chan_destroy / ump_endpoint_destroy
2012-01-20 Mark NevillAdded comment on CNode address property.
2012-01-20 Kornilios Kourtisfof: fix pdf creation from lhs
2012-01-20 Mark NevillSkip trivial cases when generating is_well_founded.
2012-01-20 Mark NevillNamed parameters for remaining hamlet functions.
2012-01-20 Mark NevillEnforce ordering of caps.
2012-01-20 Simon GerberCleaned up HamletBackend, added comments, simplified...
2012-01-20 Mark NevillMade cap size optional.
2012-01-20 Simon GerberMoved isChildren to where it's used.
2012-01-19 Mark NevillUpdated caps.hl for new hamlet.
2012-01-19 Mark NevillFixed using dereferenced caps args in is_ancestor.
2012-01-19 Mark NevillAdded prototypes to cap_predicates.h.
2012-01-19 Mark NevillAdded Read instance handling for GenSize.
2012-01-19 Mark NevillUpdated hamlet's backend and userbackend.
2012-01-19 Andrew Baumannmerged with tip
2012-01-19 Mark NevillReimplemented is_ancestor.
2012-01-19 Mark NevillRewrote is_well_founded.
2012-01-18 Andrew Baumannflounder/ump: fix early ack race which was causing...
2012-01-18 Andrew Baumannflounder/ump: fix inconsistent variable name / meaning...
2012-01-18 Mark NevillReimplemented is_copy.