2014-05-22 Kornilios Kourtispartially revert ARMv7 SVC commit release2014-05-22
2014-05-20 Kornilios Kourtisarmv7: use A9 timer functions only in pandaboard
2014-05-19 Gerd ZellwegerMake vmkit test-case pass again.
2014-05-12 Kornilios KourtisMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into sdma...
2014-05-12 Gerd ZellwegerRevert THC using GCC thread local storage.
2014-05-12 Kornilios KourtisMerge remote-tracking branch 'swicki/master'
2014-05-09 Simon Gerberharness: Added burrata.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerRemove now empty function thc_set_pts_0.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerAdd vacherin to scalebench. Cleanup old entries.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerAdd support for I210 e1000 card to SKB.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerFix E1000 debug print.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerSupport for Intel I210 Ethernet card in e1000.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerAdding fixes to THC that make it work with threads.
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerTraceing: Export all event info in JSON
2014-05-07 Simon GerberFixed posixcompat_unpack_fds to not try to map an empty...
2014-05-07 Gerd ZellwegerRemove Beehive intermon messages.
2014-05-06 Simon Gerberkernel: enable mapping of up to 1TB of physical memory.
2014-05-06 Simon Gerberx86_64: memserv: change MAXSIZEBITS to 48 to handle...
2014-05-06 Simon Gerberkernel: 4x size of supercn to handle larger amounts...
2014-05-06 Simon Gerberpaging: partially fixed unmap in floating page tables.
2014-05-06 Gerd ZellwegerFix bug in octopus locking code.
2014-03-20 Simon GerberRevert "flounder: fixed UMP capability receive stub...
2014-03-17 Simon Gerberflounder: fixed UMP capability receive stub to properly...
2014-03-12 Gerd ZellwegerAssert that connect callback function is set.
2014-03-12 Gerd ZellwegerMake everything compile for 32bit.
2014-03-11 Simon Gerberadding a tag for release 2014-03-11
2014-03-07 Simon Gerberfixed missing perfcount_type in brie machine data. release2014-03-11
2014-02-28 Simon Gerberarm_molly: able to handle <=20 modules now.
2014-02-28 Simon GerberAdded missing modules in PANDABOARD_MODULES.
2014-02-27 Simon Gerberharness: added bits necessary for pandaboard buildtest.
2014-02-26 Simon GerberFixed missing CPU_ARM5 in spawn_setup_vspace.
2014-02-26 Simon Gerberxscale: define __ARM_ARCH_5__.
2014-02-26 Simon Gerberarmv5: Fixed wait_for_interrupt to work on qemu 0.14
2014-02-26 Simon GerberRemoved offending utf-8 character in omap44xx_uart3...
2014-02-25 Simon Gerberomap44xx: Implemented serial driver.
2014-02-25 Simon Gerberarm: added missing bits for ID cap creation.
2014-02-25 Simon GerberSplit CPU_ARM into CPU_ARM5 and CPU_ARM7
2014-02-25 Simon GerberFixed messed up function call ordering in set_with_idca...
2014-02-25 Simon GerberCleaned up omap44xx uart3 device file.
2014-02-25 Simon GerberChange fish_arm to new terminal API.
2014-02-25 Simon GerberDeduplicated armv7 paging code.
2014-02-07 Simon GerberFixed generic tlb flushing code to use generic pte...
2014-02-05 Sebastian Wickicp15: use clean & invalidate instead of clean only
2014-02-05 Wang NanMake ARMv7 cpu driver run in SVC mode
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiAdded benchmarks for the SDMA driver
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiAdded basic support for the Cortex A9 Global Timer
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiAdded tests for SDMA driver
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiAdded SDMA driver to kaluga
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiAdded SDMA driver for memory-to-memory transfers
2014-02-04 Sebastian WickiCleaned up OMAP4460 SDMA Mackerel file
2014-01-27 Simon GerberFlush affected TLB entries on modify_flags.
2014-01-22 Simon GerberFixed libbarrelfish modify_flags code to do correct...
2014-01-22 Simon GerberAdded modify_flags test. Fixed missing local_phys_to_me...
2014-01-13 Simon GerberFixed caps_copy_to_cte to insert new cap after minting.
2014-01-13 Simon GerberFixed mdb_skew and mdb_split to properly update root...
2013-12-22 pravin@inf... Fixed minor error in function signature for compilation...
2013-12-21 pravin@inf... Fixed couple of minor typos in symbolic targets for arm
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... reverted the code to support software filtering for...
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... Updated the code so that Hardware checksum calculation...
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... merge
2013-06-28 Antoine Kaufmanne10k: Enable use of MSI-X
2013-06-28 Antoine Kaufmannpci: Simple MSI-X implementation
2013-06-25 Antoine KaufmannMissing change in net_queue_manager (forgot to commit...
2013-06-24 Antoine KaufmannSoftware filtering now supports chained packets
2013-06-24 Antoine KaufmannChanged net_queue_manager interface for receiving
2013-06-24 Antoine Kaufmannlwip: Fixed handling of buffer chains
2013-06-24 Antoine KaufmannChanged net_queue_manager interface to pass
2013-06-24 Antoine Kaufmanne10k, lwip: Implement hardware checksum verification
2013-06-24 Antoine Kaufmanne10k: Implement TX checksum offload for IP,TCP,UDP
2013-06-24 Antoine KaufmannCarry flags with network packets sent and received
2013-06-24 Antoine Kaufmanne10k: Fixed mackerel file, fixing queue hang with RSC
2013-06-24 Antoine Kaufmanne10k: First (broken) attempt at implementing driver
2013-12-20 pravin@inf... e10k: Added interrupt throttling (fixed by command
2013-06-24 Antoine Kaufmanne10k: First (broken) attempt at implementing driver
2013-06-24 Antoine Kaufmanne10k: Modified driver to use advanced descriptor
2013-12-16 Simon Gerberomap44xx: added new init code to kernel serial driver.
2013-12-13 pravin@inf... Removed a repetitive section from Practical-guide technote.
2013-12-13 Stefan Kaestleadding a tag for release 2013-12-13
2013-12-13 Kornilios KourtisREADME: add more details release2013-12-13
2013-12-13 pravin@inf... merge
2013-12-13 pravin@inf... Updated the README and Practical guide so that they...
2013-12-12 MothyTidied up the ARM documentation
2013-12-12 MothyTidying up techical notes
2013-12-11 Kornilios remove silent failure in run_latex
2013-12-11 Stefan Kaestledocs: Added references and figure for memory layout
2013-12-11 Stefan Kaestledocs: Fixed typo in make command
2013-12-11 Stefan Kaestledocs: Added some information on gem5 and references...
2013-12-11 Pravin ShindeAdded some FIXMEs in ARM technote.
2013-12-11 Stefan Kaestledocs: Fixed compile error
2013-12-11 Stefan Kaestledocs: Added documentation from various places
2013-12-11 Stefan Kaestledocs: Added potential sources for content of several...
2013-12-11 Stefan Kaestledocs: Added initial version of ARM tech note
2013-12-11 Simon Gerbertn004 (vm): added some bits on new kernel interface.