2015-11-30 Timothy RoscoeFirst part of cleanup of ARMv7 code; booting on GEM5... release2015-11-02
2015-11-27 David CockARMv8 interrupts now work properly.
2015-11-27 Timothy RoscoeRemoved Heterogeneous PandaBoard support
2015-11-26 David CockMore ARMv8 bugfixes. Boots now.
2015-11-25 David CockFixed build failure for x86_64
2015-11-25 David CockNew ARMv8 vectors mostly work.
2015-11-23 David CockARMv8-GEM5 builds again, with the new exception vectors.
2015-11-23 David CockThe core of the new ARMv8 exception vectors
2015-11-17 Moritz HoffmannT24: remove remaining SCC code
2015-11-17 Moritz HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'eth/machinemodel'
2015-11-17 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: update documentation
2015-11-17 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Improve Sockeye integration by using correct...
2015-11-17 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: handle typedefs more consistently.
2015-11-16 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: documentation, work-in-progress
2015-11-16 Moritz Hoffmannskb: improve client string processing
2015-11-16 Moritz Hoffmannskb/datagatherer: move error code into own group
2015-11-16 Zaheer Chothiasyscall: clarify unit of system clock in comment
2015-11-16 David CockRestored ARMv7 GEM5 multiprocessor boot code
2015-11-16 David CockSquashed "noreturn" warnings for panicking functions.
2015-11-16 David CockFixed ARMv7/ARMv5 build (again).
2015-11-16 David CockFixed ARMv7 GEM5 build
2015-11-16 David CockClean merge of HP's ARMv8 code
2015-11-13 Moritz Hoffmannskb/datagatherer: add error code for cpuid.
2015-11-13 Moritz HoffmannT186: skb: Fix off-by-one error when assembling query...
2015-11-13 Moritz Hoffmannskb/datagatherer: Use cpuid schema to populate SKB
2015-11-13 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: use different name functions for prolog names.
2015-11-13 Moritz Hoffmannskb/datagatherer: use errval_t as return value for...
2015-11-13 Moritz Hoffmannskb/datagatherer: implement error handling.
2015-11-13 Moritz HoffmannRename cpu.sockeye to cpuid.sockeye
2015-11-13 Moritz Hoffmannskb: use errval_t as return value where it actually...
2015-11-11 Moritz HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'eth/master' into machinemodel
2015-11-11 Moritz HoffmannT185: machinemodel: use typedef'ed type instead of...
2015-11-11 Moritz HoffmannT185: sockeye: update parser to do correct type rewiring
2015-11-02 Moritz HoffmannT185: machinemodel: add draft cpu and pci models.
2015-11-02 Moritz HoffmannT185: sockeye: remove fact keyword from fact attributes.
2015-11-02 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Remove unicode characters (รค -> ae) in header.
2015-11-02 Moritz Hoffmannhake: Do not descend into dot-directories (.*)
2015-11-02 Moritz HoffmannT185: sockeye: hake integration
2015-10-28 Simon Gerbermonitor: replace cap_destroy() in identify_cap() rpc... release2015-10-30
2015-10-28 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: experimental schema transformation
2015-10-28 Simon Gerbere10k: fix merge errors in virtual function code.
2015-10-27 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: replace tabs by spaces
2015-10-27 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: Improve code generation
2015-10-27 Moritz Hoffmannsockeye: integrate with hake
2015-10-26 Moritz HoffmannMerge branch 'master' into machinemodel
2015-10-01 Simon GerberRemove unused captx_abort_recv()
2015-09-23 Gerd ZellwegerDisable posix debugging.
2015-09-23 Gerd ZellwegerAdjust pthreads tests to show mutex/join issue.
2015-09-23 Gerd ZellwegerFix pthread attrs after merge with current master.
2015-09-23 Gerd ZellwegerAdded getpagesize() function.
2015-09-23 Jana GicevaAdded support for a basic pthread barrier
2015-09-23 Gerd ZellwegerAdded listfacts Program to print the contents of the...
2015-09-23 Gerd ZellwegerBasic implementation for posix_memalign.
2015-09-22 Gerd Zellweger[T102] Implement CPU_SET and pthread_attr_setaffinity_n...
2015-09-22 Gerd Zellweger[T104] Add ability to query _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN in...
2015-09-21 Simon Gerberlibbarrelfish: provide list of ORed ObjType_s for cap...
2015-09-21 Simon GerberFix wrong initial value for total buffer length in...
2015-09-15 David CockDon't ignore source roots that are just "." or ".."
2015-09-14 Stefan KaestleFixed interface change for thread create in OpenMP...
2015-09-14 Stefan Kaestlehake: fix source directory without tailing /
2015-09-14 Simon Gerberlibposixcompat: use explicit list of C files instead...
2015-09-14 Simon Gerberplatforms/Hakefile: Add tests_common to tests_x86
2015-09-02 David CockRemoved reference to SCC docs. release2015-09-03
2015-09-01 David CockSplit Fugu .h and .c generation
2015-09-01 David CockAdded async dep for hake
2015-09-01 David CockAdded pandaboards to (harness)
2015-09-01 David CockARMv5 doesn't actually use romfs_size.h
2015-08-31 David CockDocument Haskell package dependencies for Hake
2015-08-31 David CockUpdated harness builds to match
2015-08-31 David CockFixed a broken tool path
2015-08-31 David CockConsolidated toolchain selection
2015-08-31 David CockQuieted make a little.
2015-08-31 David CockAdd explicit dependency from asmoffsets.s to errno.h
2015-08-31 David CockDon't run hake twice for 'make rehake'
2015-08-31 David CockUpdated hake build rules
2015-08-30 David CockMore reasonable error output from Hake
2015-08-28 David CockRemoved ARM11MP - unsupported and non-functional.
2015-08-28 David CockUpdate -j N guidance
2015-08-28 David CockXScale builds
2015-08-28 David CockMade optimisation flags overridable per-platform.
2015-08-28 David Cockarmv7-m (heteropanda) builds.
2015-08-28 David CockBetter description of hake phases
2015-08-28 David CockMake parallelism configurable (-j N)
2015-08-28 David CockARMv5 & XScale build.
2015-08-27 David CockAdd -Wformat explicitly wherever -Wformat-security...
2015-08-27 David CockMade lib/numa compile on x86_32
2015-08-27 David CockNew-style Xeon Phi build
2015-08-27 David CockRemoved SCC
2015-08-27 David CockMerge branch 'master' into hake-platforms
2015-08-24 David CockSet RTSOPTS on build
2015-08-24 David CockCleanup
2015-08-24 David CockCleanup
2015-08-24 David CockGenerate source-tree relative filenames straight away
2015-08-24 David CockTreeDB merge operation
2015-08-24 David CockKeep directory lists sorted
2015-08-24 David CockFixed a few bugs in the new search combinators
2015-08-23 David CockReplaced allfiles list with a Trie
2015-08-21 Reto Achermannsockeye: Fixing quotation marks
2015-08-21 David CockWasn't outputting Target tokens
2015-08-21 Reto AchermannVT-d: basic support for multiple units per segment... release2015-08-25